Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 610

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“I didn’t expect that either. She usually looks so dignified, generous, and gentle that I treated her as a goddess.”

“Hey, keep it down. She’s our president. She’s going to fire us if she hears this.”


Sarah’s face turned ghastly.

Ever since she was publicly known to be Shaun’s girlfriend, everyone had flattered her and treated her as a goddess. She had not experienced this kind of humiliation.

“Catherine, I’m going to sue you for accusing me if you comment further.”

“Suit yourself. I came here today to take a look at my company. I’ll organize a general meeting tomorrow. I’ll gather all the company’s shareholders here and inform each of them about it.”

Catherine pointed at Sarah using her index finger, her nail painted with red nail polish. “As for you, you’ll be the first person I fire.”

Sarah reacted as if she had heard a joke. She bent over and burst out laughing with tears almost coming out of her eyes. “Catherine, are you under the impression that you hold an important position here? Hudson is now different from how it was three years ago. It’s okay. You can go ahead and inform them. Let’s see who will attend the general meeting. If you’re thinking about firing me, dream on.”

“Let’s wait and see.”

When Catherine turned around, she tugged at Harvey’s employee tag. “Don’t be a warehouse management executive anymore. Come with me.”

“Alright.” Harvey followed her with delight.

Nevertheless, Harvey began to panic right after he walked out of the company’s door. “Chairwoman Jones, I’m not sure whether to tell you this… Don’t be mad after you hear it…”

“Are you planning to tell me that the odds are against me, considering that Shaun dotes on Sarah?” Catherine glanced at him with a smile.

Harvey fawned over her embarrassedly, saying, “Chairwoman Jones, you’re amazing. You guessed it right.”

“It’s fine. I have no feelings for Shaun anymore. Even if he dotes on her, so what? I’m the largest shareholder in Hudson as long as I’m alive. He’s not above the law.”

Catherine gave a faint smile. All of a sudden, Harvey felt that he could not fathom her at all.

In the office, Sarah shot Yael a look, wanting her to call Shaun at once. “President Hill, Miss Jones came to Hudson just now. The moment she arrived… she grabbed hold of Miss Neeson’s hair and pulled out some of it, causing scalp damage.”

“This damned woman! Didn’t I ask you to protect Sarah?” Shaun soon flew into a temper.

“I did, but before I came to my senses, Miss Jones had already attacked Miss Neeson. When she bullied Miss Neeson again later, I started to deal with her, but… I’m not her opponent. Miss Jones has become very powerful,” Yael said guiltily.

Shaun was astounded to hear that. Although Yael was not a top member of Liona, she was still an outstanding fighter in Australia. Little did he expect that Catherine could defeat Yael. What had she gone through the last few years?

Yael then added, “Miss Jones thinks… She thinks that you’re trying to occupy her company.”

“I’m trying to occupy her company?” Shaun scoffed. “What a despicable woman. I’m not even interested in a small company like Hudson.”

“Miss Neeson said so too, but Miss Jones doesn’t seem to believe it. She even wants to organize a general meeting and kick you and Miss Neeson out.”

“She’s biting off more than she can chew.” Clearly, Shaun was fuming with rage. “Bring Sarah to the hospital to check her scalp.”


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