Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 611

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“Okay, I will. Anyway, I’m calling you without Miss Neeson’s knowledge. She asked me not to tell you,” Yael whispered, “She’s been feeling sorry about the incident three years ago. She understands that Miss Jones went through a hard time.”

“She’s just too kind,” Shaun said pitifully. The instant he recalled suspecting that Sarah had lied to him about Catherine’s depression, he felt a twinge of guilt.

“Having said that, Miss Neeson has been absent-minded since she met Miss Jones. I’m guessing it’s because Miss Jones claimed that you’re her husband as she’s back now. She even called Miss Neeson a mistress.”

“I’ll talk to Sarah later.”

Shaun was enraged by Catherine’s shameless behavior.

Only after Yael hung up the call did she shift her gaze back to Sarah.

“Well done,” Sarah held Yale’s hands and said pitifully, “Thank you for helping me all throughout, Yael.”

“Not at all, Miss Neeson. When I made a mistake back then, you helped me cover it up. If it hadn’t been for you, Eldest Young Master Hill would’ve kicked me out of Liona and I wouldn’t be who I am today,” Yael said gratefully, “I’m not a fool like Elle who began taking pity on Catherine after protecting her for some time. Catherine is just a mistress who meddled in your relationship with Eldest Young Master Hill. She swooped in on him when you weren’t around. I just think that it’s unfair to you.”

“No, it was my fault… I got into trouble earlier…” A miserable look washed over Sarah’s face. “If Catherine continues to cling to Shaunic, I don’t think I can ever marry him.”

“Don’t say that. I’m sure you can, and I’ll help you,” Yael gritted her teeth and responded.

Sarah nodded. Her phone rang, and it was Shaun making the call.

She quickly rubbed her nose and produced a gentle nasal voice before she pressed on the answer button. “Shaunic…”

“What’s wrong with your voice?” Shaun immediately noticed something strange.

“It’s fine. Maybe… Maybe my throat isn’t well,” Sarah replied while forcing a smile.

“Okay, I know everything. Catherine went looking for you and caused you trouble, right?” When Sarah attempted to hide the matter, Shaun could not help but view Catherine as a b*tchy, ill-mannered woman. He must have been blind when he was impressed by such a woman in the hospital today.

“No, I can understand that. She has hated me from the very beginning. Naturally, she lost her cool when she found out that I became the president of Hudson.”

“You put your heart and soul into Hudson throughout these two years and I’m aware of it. I’ll teach her a lesson later.”

“Shaunic, she claimed that… you’re still her husband. Is it true?” Sarah suddenly had a lump in her throat. “Will you still marry me?”

“I will. I’ve promised to marry you and I’ll do it for sure.”

After Shaun ended the call, he rubbed his brows in annoyance.

In fact, he had not thought about this issue previously. He was not the one who had packed Catherine’s d**d body nor checked her proof of d***h before this. He thought that Freya had long since requested a cancellation.

In this case, Shaun and Catherine were still considered as each other’s spouses.

“Go and find out where Catherine is,” Shaun turned his head around and said to Hadley.

Hackett Institute.

After Harvey made a call and returned, he was exasperated. “Chairwoman Jones, the directors of Hudson didn’t even pick up my calls. There were some who answered but they hung up before I finished speaking. I’m afraid Director Jefferson will be the only one attending the meeting.”

“Uncle Chris is still the same, isn’t he?” Catherine laughed while watering the flowers on the balcony.

“Aren’t you pissed about it, Chairwoman Jones?”

“Don’t worry. The general meeting will carry on as usual. You can go home now. Someone’s going to visit my place in a while.” Catherine winked at him in a light-hearted manner.

At the sight of Catherine’s confident look, Harvey left doubtfully.