Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 613

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The more Catherine spoke, the more infuriated she became. Despite having learned to control her emotions over these few years, she still could not help but lose her cool at that moment.

Shaun, who was already simmering with rage, was uncertain how to respond to her question. “How would I have known that the company is the legacy your mom left for you?”

Catherine smiled. “Yeah, right. You didn’t know about it. You know nothing.”

He actually knew it. It was just that he had forgotten it.

Even so, she would not forgive him just because he had forgotten it.

‘It’s okay if you’ve forgotten it, but you can’t possibly leave me in the lurch for the sake of a woman.’

“Anyway, you shouldn’t have attacked Sarah,” Shaun said grumpily, “It’s your fault that you faked your d***h. Sarah went to great lengths to manage Hudson and has improved the company’s performance significantly.”

“Aren’t there any other talents in Hudson Corporation? Previously, General Manager Wolfe did a great job in managing the company. Why did you make her handle it? She studied psychology and not business administration. If she wants to manage a company, she can manage Neeson Corporation. Why did she have to come to Hudson?”

Catherine suddenly smiled mirthlessly and replied, “She just wants to snatch all my things away, doesn’t she? She might as well snatch my dad and Yule Corporation too.”

“Enough. Sarah isn’t that kind of person.” Shaun could not help but interrupt her. “At first, she was interested in property investment. I didn’t have any property companies, so I let her take over Hudson.”

“Well, should I thank the two of you for managing Hudson so well on my behalf?” Catherine curled her lips unexpectedly. “Should I give her a reward for her hard work?”

“Catherine, I’m most annoyed by your teases. It’s disgusting.” Shaun’s eyes revealed his resentment toward her.

“Okay. If you don’t wish to see my disgusting expression, you’d better return Hudson to me as soon as possible and kick Sarah out. I’ll return to Hudson and reorganize everything tomorrow.” Catherine was completely unbothered about the way he perceived her.

Shaun was filled with exasperation. Catherine made him look like he was eager to occupy her company. “I have absolutely no regard for a miserable company like Hudson. Having said that, you must apologize to Sarah publicly tomorrow and beg for her forgiveness.”

Catherine dug her ears. “You want me to apologize? Dream on.”

“I won’t return the company to you, then.” Shaun gave a cold laugh. “Those shareholders in Hudson are clever. Even if you’re there, they won’t care about you as long as they don’t receive my instructions.”

“Alright then.”

Catherine was not at all anxious. She flicked the marriage certificate and added, “In this case, I’ll take a photo of this and share it with the public. I’ll claim that we’re still married. Three years ago, I had to tell the public that we were divorced because you threatened me with my dad. Do you think everyone will attack Sarah after this piece of news is exposed? I reckon hardly anyone has talked about your relationship with her in the past few years.”

“Don’t you dare,” Shaun’s expression changed as he warned her somberly.

“Of course, I dare to do it.”

Catherine raised her brows while hiding a smug expression.

Shaun shot her a glance and seized the marriage certificate all of a sudden.

She immediately turned around and held onto it.

Shaun’s chest hit her back. With her long hair hanging down, he could easily smell the faint scent of a flower when he lowered his head. He could not recall what flower it was, but it smelled really good. Not only was he not repulsed by the scent, but he also found it soothing.

She smelled much better than Sarah.

When Shaun was spacing out for a moment, Catherine pushed him away to run into her room at once.

Afraid that she would flee, he subconsciously pulled her soft and slender arm toward him.

Due to Shaun’s excessive force, she ended up crashing into his arms. At this point, her back was stuck to his chest. Her curves made him radiate with a strange yet familiar sense of heat.

While gnashing his teeth, he used one hand to hold Catherine and the other to try to snatch the marriage certificate in her hand.