Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 614

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 614

Catherine struggled to break free from Shaun without realizing that she was moving around in his arms. By the time she was aware of the changes in him, her face was already flushing with embarrassment.

“Shaun, what a b*stard you are.”

Visibly embarrassed, he was also quite shocked deep down.

He had always assumed that he would no longer be aroused. Therefore, whenever he met Sarah, he subconsciously felt disgusted by her. He even suspected that he was incompetent.

Little did he expect that he would be aroused simply by hugging Catherine.

This feeling made him particularly humiliated, and he somehow lost control as well.

Annoyed by Catherine’s remark, he said, “What makes me a b*stard? You’re the one who’s indecent. I’m a normal man.”

“Are you? You visited the andrology unit this morning,” Catherine blurted out.

Shaun was so ashamed that his ears went scarlet. He almost had the thought of k*****g her. “I’ve told you that I went there to keep Hadley company.”

“Are you treating me as a fool? Why would a boss accompany his employee there? Catherine pushed him away. She pointed outside and said in a fit of fury, “Get out.”

Shaun gazed at her flushed face which resembled a pretty rose that was about to bloom. He felt some discomfort. “How am I supposed to go out?”

“None of my business.” To Catherine, he was just an eyesore.

“It certainly has to do with you. You’re still holding the marriage certificate and you’re still considered my wife.” Shaun suddenly smirked and slowly approached her.

Catherine was taken aback by his shameless attitude. “Shaun, have you no shame? You’ve confessed to being loyal to Sarah. Is this how you treat her?”

The name ‘Sarah’ seemed like a bucket of cold water that was poured over him. He was suddenly awake.

He frowned guiltily. He must have been bewitched to make such a ridiculous remark just now.

“I was just trying to frighten you. Your face fills me with disgust.”

With that, Shaun snorted and headed to her bathroom.

Catherine gave a scornful laugh. He claimed that her looks disgusted him so why was he using her bathroom now?

This man probably wanted to mess up her bathroom so that she would not dare to enter it anymore.

Anyway, a ‘fast’ man like him would probably come out of the bathroom very soon.

After waiting for ten minutes, Catherine was speechless to find that Shaun was still inside.

With his condition, did he even need to visit the andrology unit? Was it because Sarah was hard to satisfy?

Catherine gave a shudder.

At that point, she happened to feel hungry. She had not had lunch, so she headed to the kitchen to cook some macaroni and cheese. She then added some sausages to it.

The minute Shaun walked out dully, the smell of macaroni and cheese with sausage wafting from the kitchen immediately filled his nose. The wonderful smell immediately made him go hungry.

He walked to the kitchen and caught sight of Catherine who was dressed in a daisy apron. She was cutting sausages. She looked charming with her ponytail swinging.

The emotions that he had just suppressed gushed within him again.


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