Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 616

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Hearing Shaun talk could be really frustrating.

Therefore, Catherine decided to ignore him and focused on chopping the vegetables.

She perfectly julienned the potatoes into thin slices.

He twitched his brows into a frown. “I can appeal to the court if you refuse to sign the divorce papers. A married couple can appeal to the judge after living separately for two years.”

“Sure, let’s meet in court. But things are going to get interesting if the reporters find out we’re still married. I’m not going to be responsible for maintaining your girlfriend’s reputation again.”

She replied nonchalantly.

This infuriated him. “What can I do to make you sign the papers?”

“Hmm, I haven’t thought about that yet.”

She pushed him out of the way and began heating the pan.

Once the oil was heated, she placed the julienned potatoes in, and soon, a delicious smell filled the room. She sprinkled some chopped green onions on it in the end. The presentation and smell were on point.

Suddenly, Shaun’s stomach began to grumble.

Catherine flashed him an enigmatic smile and he returned it with an embarrassed glare. “I didn’t have lunch because I came here to speak with you.”


She placed the potatoes into a plate, cleaned the pan, and started making stir-fried shrimp.

His senses were attacked by the delicious smell once more. “Make some more. I’m hungry.”

“That’s none of my business.” She was speechless.

“I’m legally your husband. Of course, it’s your business.” It had been too long since he had a good appetite thus he argued back shamelessly. “Making sure your husband is well-fed is one of your duties.”

“And which law is that, Attorney Hill?”

Catherine could not put up with him anymore. She turned around and yanked at his tie with her tiny hand. Her nonchalant yet beautiful eyes suddenly seemed alluring.

Shaun narrowed his eyes as his heart skipped a beat.

He had always been addressed as Attorney Hill before but no one had made it sound so seductive. Besides, it sounded rather familiar. He could not help but feel as though he had experienced this with another woman before.

However, he could not remember a thing no matter how much he tried.

“Attorney Hill, don’t forget that you were discussing divorcing me just a second ago,” she reminded him kindly.

“And it was unsuccessful, wasn’t it?” He chose to be shameless until the end.

She glared at him before resuming cooking.

She did not cook more than usual just for him.

After cooking two more dishes, she served them all on the dining table.

“You’re serving me with just these?” He appeared displeased.

“Did I say they were for you?” She took another bowl and started enjoying her meal.

Although she had cooked at home a lot while living abroad, the ingredients there were limited and not as good as the ones she could get from home. This local sausage, especially, gave her a huge appetite.

He glared at the woman who was enjoying the food. Frustrated, he went over to the cupboard and got a massive bowl.

Catherine almost spat out the food in her mouth when she raised her head and saw the size of the bowl in his hands.


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