Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 618

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 618

Bang! The door kicked open out of the blue. Liam, who was working at the desk, looked up. He soon regained his composure after seeing the overcast expression on Shaun’s face.

“President Hill, is there something—”

Shaun punched him in the face before he could finish the sentence.

Liam was caught off guard. The corners of his lips began oozing blood.

The secretary by the door quickly made a phone call to Vice Director Hill in secret.

“Shaun, don’t think I’m afraid of you just because you have full control over Hill Corporation. I’m also part of the family.” Liam was shaking out of rage.

“Why do you think I hit you?” Shaun grabbed the other man’s collar aggressively. “You tricked me by faking Catherine’s d***h three years ago. Liam, have I been overly kind to you recently? I even forgave you for that time you set me up. But now you’re doing it again.”

Liam twitched his lips into a cold smile. “You have the cheek to say that. You would’ve k****d someone three years ago if I hadn’t stepped in.”

“I was treating her but you helped to fake her d***h. Why? What’s your plan this time? Liam, are you interested in her?”

For some reason, the thought of his stepbrother having feelings for Catherine made his blood boil. He felt like destroying the man right this second.

“I suddenly remember that you often flew overseas in recent years. Have you been visiting her in secret?”

“Treating her?” Liam glared at him. “Have you no shame? Did you know the state she was in when I saved her from the hospital? She was so muddle-headed that even I couldn’t recognize her. I brought her to get checked by another doctor and was told that her mental state wasn’t right because she had taken too many psychiatric d***s. Her condition finally improved after half a year of treatment. The doctor said she wasn’t ill at all. Do you know that a normal person could go mad after consuming psychiatric d***s? She might have actually gone crazy if that went on any longer.”

This took Shaun by surprise. “This is impossible. You’re lying to me again. You never tell the truth.”

He refused to believe that Sarah would lie to him.

If this was true… He shuddered at the thought of Sarah’s kind and innocent face.

“There’s nothing I can do if you don’t believe me.”

Liam was really frustrated. Shaun was quick-witted when dealing with business matters but he seemed to lose his sharp mind when it came to relationships. “Anyway, I chose to save her three years ago because first of all, I felt bad that you confined her indoors all the time. Secondly, I felt guilty for indirectly causing her facial disfigurement.”

Shaun glared at the man. “You really have no feelings for her?”

“So what if I do?” Liam smiled slyly and raised his brows. “Why are you bothered? Aren’t you happy with Sarah? Is it possible that you—”

“No. I just think it’s disgusting to have shared a woman with my brother.” He spat out those harsh words through his thin lips. “The Hill family will also not allow that to happen.”

“My personal affairs are none of your business,” Liam said, evidently displeased.

“Try me.” Shaun poked Liam on the chest. The latter was infuriated by his cocky attitude.

“What’s the matter with you two?” Lea’s high-pitched voice filled the room. She approached them and saw the blood on Liam’s lips. Enraged, she reached out an arm to slap Shaun on the face.

He grabbed her hand immediately and narrowed his eyes. “You should use your free time to discipline your husband instead.”

Lea trembled. She was genuinely astonished at how much the Campos family had risen over the years. However, she could not believe that Mason was the person behind it. She had been in love with that man since their university days! “He’s not involved in anything happening with the Campos Corporation. Why won’t you leave him alone?”

“You still can’t see the truth after all these years? I don’t understand how someone stupid like you could have given birth to me?”

Shaun shook his head indifferently before leaving.

“Rascal!” Lea was trembling out of rage.

“Liam, are you alright? How did the two of you get into an argument?” she questioned worriedly.


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