Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 619

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“It’s fine, Mom, don’t worry about it. He’s not going to cause trouble for me again.” Liam forced a smile. “You should go.”

After Lea left, he lowered his gaze to the ground, almost breaking the pen in his hand.

In fact, he was really annoyed that Shaun could gain the upper hand over him every single time. He thought about the smug and arrogant expression on Shaun’s face when he barged in to punch him today.

It was time to get off work.

Charlie suddenly called him. “Liam, I heard you got punched.”

“Who did you hear it from?” Liam narrowed his eyes.

The other person sighed. “It’s not just me. Many people from Canberra’s elite society have heard how Shaun barged into your office and punched you. There’s no such thing as secrets in this place.”

Liam clenched his fingers around the phone. In Canberra, everyone took Second Young Master Hill as a joke.

“Hey, at the very least, you’re the second young master of Hill Corporation. He crossed the line when he punched you. Why couldn’t he have just talked things out with you calmly? He’s not showing any respect to you at all.”


“Liam, are you willing to stay beneath him for the rest of your life? Actually… you’ll be the next in line in the Hill family if Shaun fails.”

“What’re you really trying to say?” Liam asked coldly.

“We’re brothers! And we can work together,” Charlie replied, “Look, I’ve got so much help from you in the past and the Campos family has risen to become the second wealthiest family in Australia in just a few years. My position in this society has changed. Don’t you want to be like me?”

“You’re right. I certainly underestimated you in the past,” Liam said sarcastically, “Tell me the truth. What do you want from me?”

“You’re a smart person, Liam, so I’ll not be subtle with you. Can you get me the data for the new microchip that Hill Corporation Laboratory is currently creating? Trust me, this is the perfect chance to destroy Shaun. Unless you want to be oppressed by him for the rest of your life?”

“You think too highly of me. Shaun has never given me the chance to meddle in the inventions these recent years. He’s been guarding against me.” Liam leaned back into the leather seat.

“You can think of a way, Liam. We can create chances for ourselves,” Charlie continued convincingly.

Liam touched the wound near his lips, darkness flashing in his eyes.

6:00 p.m.

Shaun returned to the seaside villa.

He could smell steak being cooked in the kitchen. Sarah stepped out of the kitchen wearing a light pink apron that had a cartoon cat. The white dress she was wearing beneath it looked clean and untouched.

However, the man subconsciously thought about Catherine who had been cooking in the kitchen earlier today. Her neat ponytail, the beige loungewear she wore, and how she had looked like a housewife who was busy cooking…

“What’s on your mind? You look distracted.” Sarah walked toward him and punched his chest playfully.

“I was wondering why you were cooking tonight.” He was surprised as he had not realized he was zoning out.

“Why not? It’s been too long since we had a candlelit dinner. I made steak tonight. Let’s have some red wine to go with it later?” she said, smiling.


Liam’s words came flooding into his mind as he looked at this innocent face. Catherine was not depressed three years ago. She was only mentally unstable because of all the psychiatric d***s she had been forced to take.

If this was the truth…


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