Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 620

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Then Sarah would have lied to Shaun about Catherine’s depression when she convinced him to send the woman to a mental hospital.

If Catherine had not ‘died’ three years ago, he might really have sent her back to a mental hospital and that would certainly drive her to actually become mad.

Thinking about this was enough to make him shudder.

“What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?” Sarah felt uneasy under his stare.

“Sarah, did Catherine really have depression three years ago?” He suddenly looked at her seriously.

The woman was flustered but she maintained her composure. “Don’t you believe me?”

He lowered his gaze to the ground. “It’s not that, I just… I just think she’s really normal now, unlike someone who’s been sick before. In fact, I don’t remember checking in on her after sending her to the mental hospital.”

She twitched her lips. “Actually, when she went to the hospital three years ago, I thought of giving her a proper diagnosis but I didn’t dare to approach her after she splashed me with hot water. I can’t tell you with certainty that she was definitely depressed but she did show the right symptoms. I’m sure the staff at the mental hospital wouldn’t have taken her in unless they were sure of her condition. It wasn’t just up to me.”

Shaun became silent after that.

Sarah finally felt relieved now that he looked convinced.

However, she had to be more alert after being asked this question unexpectedly. “Besides, no one with mental illness would want to admit it. You were like that…”

“Alright, let’s eat,” he interrupted.

“Sure, I’ll get the steaks.”

Soon, she reappeared from the kitchen. She had put a lot of effort into the meal, even decorating the plates with carrots.

However, Shaun found himself unwilling to take a second bite after the first try.

It was not that the food was horrible but somehow, the simple home-cooked lunch made by Catherine this afternoon was more appetizing in comparison.

In fact, he used to like having steak but his preference had changed along the way.

“Is it nice?” Sarah looked at him with expectant eyes.

“Does your scalp still hurt?” Shaun changed the topic of conversation.

An embarrassed smile spread across her face as she touched her hair subconsciously. “I feel fine…”

“Sorry to put you through that,” he said guiltily, “I’ve already informed Hudson Corporation’s shareholders that Catherine will be taking over. She might want you to leave after she regains control tomorrow and you shouldn’t argue with her. If you like being in the real estate business, then I can establish another company for you tomorrow.”


The smile froze on her face. “Why… so sudden? I didn’t hear you mention this in the afternoon.”

“That corporation belongs to her anyway. I only took over thinking that she was d**d. I don’t want handovers from women. I hope you won’t mind.” He looked at her.

“Of course not.” Sarah appeared not bothered but in fact, she was infuriated. She did not expect Shaun to give up the corporation so soon. Was it the real estate business that she wanted? Not at all. All she wanted was everything that belonged to Catherine. She simply enjoyed the feeling of stealing everything that woman owned.

She subtly threw a glance at Yael who was standing nearby.

“President Hill, I bet Miss Jones would be overjoyed. She bullied Miss Neeson in front of everyone today,” Yael said immediately.

“It’s fine, Yael. It doesn’t matter,” Sarah replied with a sigh.

Shaun felt bad and quickly explained, “I’m left with no choice. She’s threatening me with the marriage certificate. If I don’t hand over the corporation to her, she’ll publicize the fact that I forced her to tell everyone we were divorced back then. Your reputation will be affected when that happens.”


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