Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 621

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“I had no idea that you were doing this for me. Sorry.”

Sarah appeared touched yet frustrated.

In actuality, she was enraged.

Never did she expect her decision three years ago to force Catherine to tell the public that she had divorced Shaun would come back to bite her in the end.

“Well… will she continue threatening you with this? Will she actually divorce you, then?” Tears suddenly rolled down her cheeks. “We’ve known each other for more than 20 years and we’ve been together for more than a decade. When will I finally… marry you?”

“I’ll try my best to divorce her.” Shaun handed her the tissue, feeling extremely guilty. “I already have plans, so you shouldn’t overthink it.”

“Okay. Oh right, how did it go today… at the hospital?” she questioned quietly.

Yael consciously left them be.

His handsome face fell within seconds as he kept his head low. “I’m taking some medications for it.”

“That’s great.” Joy was written all over Sarah’s face.

He took a few quick bites of the food before heading upstairs.

She clenched her teeth, looking at the big piece of leftover steak.

The following day.

Hudson Corporation.

Catherine walked through the main entrance dressed in a neat business suit. She knocked at the front desk while walking past. The receptionist from yesterday trembled as she lifted her head. “Chairwoman Jones.”

“Have you remembered my face? I hope I don’t need to book an appointment before coming in the next time.”

She smiled before heading to the elevator.

The receptionist felt her legs going weak. She had been terrified of being dismissed when she got the news this morning that Catherine would be the new chairperson. Fortunately, it did not happen.

Upon entering the meeting room, Catherine found out that all the shareholders had arrived. Sarah was sitting on the first seat on the right-hand side. Numerous shareholders had gathered around to please her.

“President Neeson, when I went on a business trip abroad last time, I saw this purse that I thought would really suit you.”

“President Neeson, this is an authentic painting from the famous painter Hilton Yohan. Apparently, his artworks cost a few billion dollars at the very least and are really hard to get. I know him personally, so here’s a little gift for you.”

“President Neeson, I bought this bottle of red wine from abroad. It’s almost 40 years old.”


Catherine positioned herself on the leather seat. She took a sip of the iced tea and placed the glass back on the table loudly. Clang!

Everyone in the meeting room turned to her direction. “Come on, you guys. Stop gathering around me. We’re having a board meeting today. Let’s welcome the return of Chairwoman Jones.”

Catherine looked at the woman. “We’re having a board meeting today. Are you even on the board? Who gave you the permission to be here?”

“I… I was worried that you wouldn’t be familiar with what’s going on in the corporation after being away for a few years, thus I came to bring you up to speed.” Sarah appeared flustered and aggrieved.

Director Irvine spoke up for her, “Jones, I understand that there’s some personal dispute between the two of you but there’s no point speaking about that at the company. We’re really grateful to President Neeson and President Hill for doubling the corporation’s profits in recent years. Our share price is worth 20 dollars as we speak.”

“That’s right. We were told out of the blue that you were d**d. But it turns out you aren’t yet you’ve abandoned the corporation for three years. No other chairperson would behave like you.”

Sarah spoke up amid the insults, “Chairwoman Jones must have had her reasons.”

“President Neeson, you’re too kind for standing up for her despite how she treats you,” a shareholder said. After all, everyone knew that Sarah was going to be Mrs. Hill one day.

As for Catherine, well, it was her fault for letting Shaun go.

“That’s right. No wonder President Hill chose you in the end. Men love a woman who’s understanding.”

Some of them began to whisper.


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