Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 622

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Catherine cast a sharp glance at the person who commented that. Funnily enough, it was a female shareholder named Woofe.

“Director Woofe, your barks really have you living up to your name,” she said sarcastically.

Director Woofe became furious when she understood the double entendre. “Chairwoman Jones, what do you mean? Am I wrong that men love a gentle and beautiful woman?”

“I’ve only been away for three years but everyone thinks they can be impolite to me now, huh? Don’t forget who was the one who instructed you all to be here for this board meeting,” Catherine reminded the room that was full of people.

It was Shaun.

Everyone kept quiet.

“Sarah, I suggest that you leave now or I’ll have Harvey drag you out,” she warned coldly. “Besides, haven’t Shaun told you? Or should I remind you again of my status?”

Sarah’s beautiful face paled instantly.

She knew the two of them had not divorced, thus she would naturally become the third party if Catherine told everyone the truth.

“Sure, I’ll leave.”

She rose to her feet while looking aggrieved.

Catherine was not bothered by the hateful looks thrown at her by the board of directors. “Oh right, as the chairwoman of Hudson Corporation, I’m firing you from your position. You can get out of here after settling everything.”

“You’re going overboard,” Director Irvine said anxiously, “We object to that decision.”

“That’s right. Shareholders have the right to vote for the chairperson,” the rest echoed.

“All of you seem to think that you’ll be pardoned for this with Shaun’s support, huh?” Catherine’s eyes scanned across the room.

They all turned silent.

“Alright, then I’ll give him a phone call.”

Catherine rang Shaun on the phone. In a couple of seconds, his cold voice sounded through the speaker. “Who’s this?”

The shareholders scoffed. Her ex-husband had not even saved her contact. The way he treated her was completely different from how he cared for Sarah.

Sarah, who was almost reaching the door, stopped in her tracks and smiled smugly.

Catherine was not upset. She spoke calmly into the phone, “It’s me, Catherine.”

“Are you trying to—”

“President Hill, you’re on loudspeaker,” she interrupted, “I didn’t think it would only take three years for the shareholders of my corporation to disrespect me. I don’t even have the authority to fire Sarah.”

Shaun, who was on the other side of the phone, felt his blood boiling upon hearing Catherine’s words. He was about to argue back when Catherine continued, “Hey, what’s this thing in my pocket? It feels like some sort of certificate.”


The man who was getting into the elevator almost kicked over the safety box in front of him.

What certificate? Their marriage certificate? This woman was threatening him again.

D**n it!

He clenched his teeth and forced himself to sound gentle as he said, “Go ahead then. You should handle the corporation the way you want to now that you’re back.”

It would be best if the corporation was destroyed under her leadership.

Catherine fiddled with the ballpen in her fingers and sighed before speaking like a spoiled child, “But they only care about Sarah now. I’m so frustrated and slightly disappointed, to be honest. This is too difficult.”

Shaun felt goosebumps all over his body but was left with no alternative. “Hudson Corporation is yours to begin with, so you should have full authority. I’ll send someone over to have a little chat with anyone who doesn’t listen to you.”

“Thanks. Bye!”

She hung up the phone.


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