Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 624

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 624

Catherine shut her laptop, ready to head home.

Three years had passed since she left the company but it only took her one day to get up to speed with things.

She was about to unlock the front door of her home when a black shadow suddenly veiled over her.

Instinctively, she lifted a leg and kicked backward.

A huge hand immediately grabbed her. Shaun’s handsome face appeared as cold as ice. “Where were you planning on kicking me?”

She blinked back innocently with her beautiful eyes before shifting her gaze to his crotch. “Guess?”

“I think you’re asking for d***h.”

He had been so close to d***g without descendants.

After suppressing the rage surging inside him, he yanked at her leg that he was holding.

Catherine, who was standing on one foot, lost her balance and quickly grabbed his tie for support.

Shaun was caught off guard and fell forward too.

She fell backward to the ground and onto the carpet. His lips landed on hers by chance when he fell forward.

The woman’s lips were as supple as jelly. The orange-flavored lipstick she had on was rather enticing. It made him want to bite on them subconsciously.

At the same time, the automatic lights in the corridor went off because no movement was detected.

Shaun gulped. He could feel her breath on his skin in the dark and suddenly had this urge of tasting her lips.

However, right this moment, the elevator door opened and out came a mother and her daughter. The girl was only about seven or eight years old.

The mother, who was shocked at the sight in front of them, quickly covered her daughter’s eyes.

Catherine felt her cheeks burning and she immediately pushed the man off her. “Um…”

“Sorry to interrupt. Please continue.” The mother opened the door to their home swiftly and hurriedly got her daughter inside. She then slammed the door shut behind her.

Their voices could still be heard from the other side of the door.

“Mom, why are you pushing me? I saw that they were kissing.”

“Shut up.”

“Mom, why don’t they kiss inside the house?”

“There are some things about love that you don’t know.”

“Like what? I saw it on TV before. They can’t help but fall in love, right?”


Shaun’s handsome face was overcast.

Could not help but fall in love?

He and Catherine?

Pfft, no way.

Catherine, on the other hand, was so embarrassed that she wished she could vanish into thin air. She glared at the man. “Get out.”

Then, she tried to shut the door behind her.

He stopped the door with his hand. The man pushed it open and entered the house.

It was spacious but his tall build made the space feel smaller than it actually was.


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