Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 625

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“Shaun, what do you want? Don’t you have to go home to Sarah at this time of the night?”

“Don’t you think I want that too? But after that phone call you made this morning… Catherine, you’re such a scheming woman. You embarrassed Sarah in front of everyone and you even made her cry.”

Shaun had been upset since that phone call, especially after one of the shareholders called to inform him that Sarah had run out of the meeting in tears after being humiliated by Catherine. He really wished to strangle this woman to d***h.

“Oh, you feel sorry for her?” Catherine crossed her arms in front of her chest. “I didn’t make you say those words, though.”

“You… Don’t think I’m afraid simply because you’re holding our marriage certificate.” His dark eyes narrowed. “The last person who provoked me has disappeared from this world.”

“Are you talking about Charity?” she said out of the blue.

He looked stunned, but he quickly smoothed away the surprise. “She deserved it for trying to escape prison by jumping into the ocean. It’s only natural that the fishes would devour her.”


Catherine turned around quietly so that Shaun would not see the m*******s intent in her eyes.

She knew these people would not feel guilty about their actions. As it turned out, she was right.

‘Shaun Hill, remember how indifferent you are about this and I’ll make sure you suffer in the future.’

“Hey, do you hear me?”

Frustrated by her silence, he grabbed her by the shoulders. “I want us to be divorced by tomorrow.”

“Not happening.”

Enraged, he kicked over the trash can. “Catherine, don’t force me.”

“Sure, let me see what you’re capable of.” An enigmatic smile flashed across her face.


His handsome face fell.

After working for the entire day, all Catherine wanted to do now was to take a long shower and have a video call with her two darlings who were in Country M. However, she could not do so with this man pestering her. “Can you leave? I’m going to take a shower.”

“I’ll leave after you agree to sign the divorce papers.”

He plopped himself on the couch and crossed his legs. This man was known for his elegant appearance, yet right this moment, he was behaving like a p***k. “Are you after money? I’ll give you a billion dollars and that should be enough expenses for the rest of your life. This is the best I can do. You’re only worth this much, after all.”

“You can sit here all night if that’s what you want.” She walked into the bedroom.

His face fell. Immediately, he sprung up to his feet and ran after the woman. Coincidentally, he saw her retrieving s**y black underwear from the closet.

Something flashed across his eyes. “Catherine, what’s that for? Are you trying to seduce me?”

She waved it in front of his eyes. “Brother, do you want to inspect it? It’s old.”

“Is this what you normally wear?” He felt annoyed for no reason. “Who are you wearing them for?”

“Whoever that I like. It’s none of your business. A woman should be prepared at all times.” She picked out another thin black bralette with lace.

He snatched it from her hand and tore it apart out of instinct.

Was she trying to cheat on him? Dream on.


Her jaw dropped. “What’s the matter with you?”

“You’d better behave yourself since we’re still technically married.” After saying that, he grabbed all the other underwear in the closet and tore them all apart. “You’re not allowed to wear these anymore.”

What the h**l…

Catherine really felt like cursing.

It had only been a few days since she returned and that was all she had brought along. However, he was destroying them all.

“Shaun, what am I going to wear tonight now that everything is ruined?”

He kept quiet for a few seconds and thought of ringing Hadley to buy some new ones. On second thought, he felt strange to let another man touch those intimate and personal items.

“I’ll accompany you to get new ones right now.”

“Do you have too much free time? I’m exhausted and I just want to rest at home.” She felt like crying.

He frowned before saying grudgingly, “Forget it. I’ll go get you some.”

This took her by surprise and she looked at him strangely.

“Don’t overthink the situation. I’m not interested in you. I simply don’t want you to disgrace me by having an affair while still in a marriage with me.”

He turned around but quickly looked over his shoulder. “Oh, right, I’m feeling quite hungry. Make me something to eat when I come back.”

Then, he finally left.

She rolled her eyes at him. Did he really think she was his personal chef? Dream on!

20 minutes later, Shaun was utterly embarrassed in the lingerie shop nearby.

What the h**l had gotten into him that he was now buying underwear for Catherine at this hour?

He had not even brought any for Sarah before.

“Sir, are you looking for some men’s underwear?” A saleswoman walked over. Her eyes sparkled after getting a close look at his handsome face.

This man was better looking than most celebrities.

She even found him familiar for some reason.

“Um, no. I’m getting women’s underwear,” he replied rather awkwardly.

“Oh, it’s for your girlfriend. I understand.” The saleswoman was so envious of his girlfriend. “These are our store’s latest collections. Which ones do you like?”

Shaun threw a quick glance at the collection and noticed they were all especially s**y. He felt hot all of a sudden as he imagined how Catherine would look in them.

“Give me something more conservative, plain cotton ones.”

The saleswoman finally understood what he was looking for. “I see. You don’t want your girlfriend to wear revealing lingerie. Sir, you’re really understanding. In fact, pure cotton ones are safest for our skin. Plain collections are also better than the black lace ones.”



He suddenly thought Catherine did not care much for her own health as she only owned black lace ones.


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