Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 626

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 626

“Sir, how many would you like?”

Shaun thought about it for a few seconds. “30.”

That should be enough supply for a whole year. “Get me 30 bras too.”

Finally, he made the payment and left the store carrying several shopping bags.

Coincidentally, Joanne Harlow, the young lady of the Harlow family, was shopping nearby and took a photo of him to send to Sarah through WhatsApp. “Look at how many things Shaun has bought for you from the lingerie store. I’m so jealous of you.”

At the same time.

Sarah was having a great time with Lucifer in her personal apartment.

20 minutes later, she got up to check her phone. The corners of her lips twitched into a smile upon reading Joanne’s text.

Shaun had never done anything like that. It seemed like he was trying to comfort her for being humiliated by Catherine today.

“What are you looking at? Come join me for a bit longer,” Lucifer said before pulling her into his arms again.

“No, my friend sent me a text saying Shaun’s heading home.” She refused in a spoiled voice. “He’s going to be suspicious if I always get home late. I can’t get you the money if he leaves me.”

“Sure. But does he know you’re so wild in bed?” He pinched her chin playfully. “Doesn’t he normally pleasure you?”

“You’re right, actually. He can’t compare to you,” she praised the man while smiling.

“You little foxy woman. That’s why I still like sleeping with you after all these years.” Lucifer laughed aloud. The sight of his big belly almost made her sick but she had no choice but to laugh along.

Upon leaving the apartment, the expression on her beautiful face finally fell. Although Lucifer managed to satisfy her the way Shaun failed to, that man was a ticking time bomb. She needed to get her hands on all the photos and get rid of him before she could relax.

Hackett Institute.

Shaun rang the doorbell. Catherine was evidently stunned to see the number of shopping bags he was carrying. How much did he buy?

“30 sets in total.” He placed them on the couch. His stomach began to grumble upon smelling the delicious food coming from the kitchen. “Is my dinner ready?”

His eyes sparkled like a puppy waiting to be fed.

Speechless, she gestured to the bowl of food on the table. “There.”

He expectantly walked over only to find a bowl of pasta. The presentation was great and she had even sprinkled some herbs on top. However, he touched the bowl and found out it was already cold.

“Is this all? Cold pasta?” He was upset. He had gone to buy her underwear out of kindness and this was what he got in return.

The man who was used to being spoiled by everyone was displeased. She could heat it up, at the very least.

“It’s your fault for taking so long,” she replied lazily.

“I went out to buy things for you.”

“Did I force you to tear all of mine apart?” she retorted. “It’s up to you if you want to eat it. There’s a microwave in the kitchen if you want to use it.”

He glared at her but she was not bothered. She grabbed the shopping bags and headed into the bathroom.

Catherine was infuriated at this man. Did he not know that she had to wash and dry new underwear first before putting it on? She would not have to waste her effort doing this if not for him.

Shaun’s eyes were stinging a little from all the glaring. Finally, he went to heat up the food in the microwave before eating. It was only a simple bowl of pasta but it tasted so much better than the steak Sarah had prepared last night.


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