Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 628

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The following dawn.

Sarah secretly grabbed Shaun’s car key and sneaked into the garage to check the dashcam footage.

Within seconds, she found out he had driven to somewhere called Hackett Institute twice last night.

That same morning, she drove to the same place and grimaced upon seeing Catherine driving out of there.

It was really Catherine.

This was out of her expectations.

What was the problem? She had already hypnotized Shaun to despise Catherine.

It must be Catherine who refuses to stop seducing him.

That b*tch!

8:30 a.m.

Catherine walked into the company to find Director Irvine, Director Williams, and the other members of the board waiting for her. General Manager Wolfe looked impatient while standing by the side.

“You’re all early today.”

Director Irvine said after she sat down at her desk, “Do you think we can still sleep well? Three major construction companies that have collaborated with us for many years suddenly canceled their partnerships overnight. More than ten of our construction sites across the world simply can’t continue working today. Chairwoman Jones, you sounded as if you were really close with President Hill the other day yet why is it that suddenly, no one wants to collaborate with you?”

“I bet it’s because she offended Miss Neeson yesterday,” Director Williams said angrily, “Those construction companies only worked with us out of respect for Miss Neeson and President Hill. They must’ve heard something was wrong.”

“What should we do? The company has lost over ten million dollars after the construction sites had to stop work for the day,” Director Woofe said anxiously.

“That’s not our biggest problem. The issue is that they want to stop collaborating with us.” Director Irvine appeared flustered.

“We can always collaborate with other partners,” Catherine replied.

“What do you know?” Director Irvine said impatiently, “The clients only bought these properties because of the construction companies’ good reputation. They’re the best ones in this country. The clients purchased these properties from us because they trust them. They’ll certainly throw a fit if the companies are replaced. Our corporation’s reputation will suffer when that happens.”

“That’s right. The only solution now is to seek help from President Hill or beg Miss Neeson for forgiveness.”

Director Williams said, “You have to sort out this problem you created. Don’t get us board members involved.”

“Don’t blame us for replacing you if you don’t sort this out,” Director Irvine chimed in. “You can’t get upset at us. We’re only thinking of the corporation’s benefits. A good chairwoman wouldn’t get in the way of the corporation’s growth.”

Catherine only looked at them calmly. “Did I say I couldn’t handle this?”

“Are you sure you can?” Director Irvine did not sound convinced.

Director Williams hesitated before saying, “Perhaps there’s a chance. President Hill sounds like he still cares about Chairwoman Jones.”

“I hope you’re not making empty promises,” Director Woofe said in a strange tone. “The construction sites can only stop working for three days at most.”

“Sure.” Catherine nodded.

“Then we’ll give you a chance. If the construction companies don’t resume working after three days, then we’ll replace you as the corporation’s chairperson.”

After sending away the board members, General Manager Wolfe could not help but ask worriedly, “Chairwoman Jones, are you really able to handle this? It’s really serious this time.”

“Get back to work. I’ll take care of this.”

Catherine opened her laptop. Harvey looked strangely at his boss who seemed unusually confident this time around.

Soon, everyone heard the news of Australia’s three largest construction companies cancelling their collaboration with Hudson Corporation. The next day, the corporation’s shares dropped by eight points.


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