Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 633

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Catherine could not possibly have sold her body, right?

When Shaun thought of her being intimate with another man, he felt a wave of indescribable anger.

Hadley was speechless. Sarah had completely mastered the skill of driving a wedge between people. He should not have said anything.

“Investigate exactly who bought Hudson Corporations’ shares at a low price for me.” Shaun suddenly remembered something and ordered Hadley.


Hadley nodded.

It was a simple task. He just had to call the relevant department to obtain the information. A moment later, he returned to the dining room. “The people behind the scenes who were buying the shares were Catherine and Chris.”

“Ah!” Sarah widened her eyes. She quickly caught on. “Catherine had planned it from the start. She deliberately made the shareholders of Hudson Corporation panic and then she bought the shares back at a low price. Now, Hudson Corporation belongs to Chris and her. Chris is working under her.”


A spoon was thrown on the plate and it made a clear, ear-piercing sound.

Shaun stood up immediately and kicked the chair in front of him over.

Hah! He had completely underestimated that woman.

He originally intended to bring her down ruthlessly.

Shaun never thought that he would be used the other way round in the end. Before this, she had lost a billion dollars and seemed to be pushed to a corner because of him. However, it turned out she had been buying the shares that those disobedient shareholders had in silence. She impressively disposed of the people in the company who did not follow orders and successfully became the sole person in power. The market value of the company easily exceeded tens of billions.

Catherine, oh Catherine. She really amazed him.

Sarah was secretly furious to the point that she almost gritted her teeth until they broke.

Previously, she thought she could simply make Catherine d*e, just like three years ago.

However, she did not dare to look down on Catherine anymore.

10:00 a.m.

The chairperson’s office of Hudson Corporation was in chaos.

Director Irvine broke a vase out of anger. “Catherine Jones, are you toying with us? Why didn’t you tell us that you were already in talks with Hazle Group and Talton Design from the start? You made us panic for no reason and we even sold our shares at a low price. As a result, you bought the shares for a cheap price. You’re too vicious! How did Sheryl give birth to such an *sshole daughter like you?”

“You must return the shares to us. If not, there’ll be no end to this.” Director Williams pounded the table hard.

“I’ve seen my share of evil people, but I’ve never met a person as evil as you. Hudson Corporation was founded by all of us. Instead, you’re doing whatever it takes to trick us away. As a person, you should have some moral limitations.”

“Young lady, you’re still young. Don’t be too cruel and don’t b**n your bridges. Otherwise, you’d be d**d before you know it.”


Faced with the shareholders’ reprimands and criticisms, Catherine slowly took a sip of coffee before placing the cup on the table with a loud bang.


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