Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 634

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The office went silent. Catherine raised her head. “Everyone, I didn’t want to be so merciless but during the first meeting upon my return, I told you all that the company wasn’t named after the Hill family. However, you guys still worshipped Shaun and Sarah as if they were your ancestors.

“A few days ago, Shaun and Sarah were insulting me at the company’s lobby. You all, the shareholders, were like dogs licking at their feet to please them. You even told me to get lost. Since you all like s*****g up to those two, go and find them then.”

“We only did that because we didn’t want to offend them. It was for the sake of the company,” Director Irvine said sheepishly, “If I knew that you had already found a construction company, would I even have to be so shameless? I did that for the company.”

“That’s right. We’ve done so much for the company these three years. Where were you back then?”

“If you don’t return the shares to us today, don’t even think of walking out of this door.”

“Really? I really want to see how you will stop me from leaving.” Catherine laughed. Suddenly, more than 20 security guards entered and surrounded the shareholders.

Even the youngest shareholders were already 40 to 50 years old. When they saw this situation, more than half of their arrogance diminished.

Director Woofe thought of something and kneeled immediately. “Catherine, give us, the shareholders, some mercy. We’re old, we just want to get some bonuses to earn a living.”

“Yes, we’ll listen to you in the future.”

“We should each take a step back and prioritize making peace.”

Catherine rubbed her brows. It seemed like they were doing it the soft way because the hard way had not worked.

“Enough. Director Woofe, you even went to give Sarah a present yesterday. And Director Williams, you’re already so old. Isn’t it tiring for you to go to Sarah’s place every day? I’ve never even heard you plead for the company. You were just scolding me in front of Sarah most of the time.

“Not only that. Director Irvine, I’ve already assumed this position but why are you still reporting the company’s matters to Shaun every single day without leaving anything out? Director Carter, don’t you feel uncomfortable seeing your money spent on booking private rooms for Sarah and paying for her and her friends’ expenses?”

Catherine exposed every one of them. Their faces were flushed red with embarrassment.

No one expected Catherine to know about their movements so clearly.

“I expelled you guys from the board of directors because your hearts aren’t here anymore. You just want to catch the big fishes like Shaun and Sarah. You think that everything will go well for you as long as you rely on them, right?”

Catherine said grimly, “To you, I’m a person without any credibility. You’re doing one thing in front of me and another behind my back. I don’t wish to have too many voices in a company. I just want my own voice to be heard. From today onward, you guys will have nothing to do with Hudson Corporation. Security, chase all of them out and don’t let them in anymore in the future.”

The security guards took action swiftly and chased all the shareholders out.

The office became empty in an instant. Chris said emotionally, “Catherine, you’re becoming more like a chairperson now. You’re even stronger than your mom was back then. I feel inferior compared to you now.”

“Uncle Chris, the company will be counting on you and me from now on.” Catherine smiled.

During an inspection in the evening when Catherine just arrived at the Marketing Department, she saw a woman turning around and walking away upon spotting her.

“Manager Howard, it’s not good to avoid the corporation’s chairperson when you see her right?” Catherine called out to her with a fake smile.

“President… President Jones, I’m sorry. I really didn’t see you.” Manager Howard braced herself and turned back to apologize. “My eyes are not too well.”

“I think it’s not just your eyes that aren’t too well but your ears as well.” Catherine smiled playfully and said, “For example… you’re quite fluent in saying things that were made up.”

Manager Howard’s legs were trembling slightly. She had really thought that either Hudson Corporation would fall apart or Catherine would be chased out of the corporation.

“Manager Howard, you’re fired. Leave immediately. I believe you won’t question my decision as you’ve already found someone to back you. The next company will surely take you in.” After Catherine whispered in her ear, she took elegant strides and continued walking toward the Marketing Department.

Manager Howard gritted her teeth. She turned back and said in a loud voice, “What’s the big deal about leaving? Ms. Neeson is about to be the wife of the wealthiest man in Australia. After I leave this place, she’ll arrange for me to enter Hill Corporation.”

When Harvey’s expression turned cold and he was about to reprimand her, Catherine tapped his shoulder. She smiled at Manager Howard nonchalantly. “Congratulations, then.”


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