Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 635

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After they left, Harvey said furiously, “President Jones, should we teach her a lesson?”

“No need, I’ve already done that,” Catherine said calmly.

Half an hour later.

Manager Howard was about to leave after packing up. However, when she reached the doors, there were police there to apprehend her. “Your company has lodged a police report. You’re suspected of committing embezzlement. Follow us to the police station.”

“I didn’t! I don’t want to!” Manager Howard yelled. Those who had the same position as her would embezzle some money, but everyone just turned a blind eye. However, it was different if it was reported as a case for investigation. She would have to go to jail.

During this period when she took Sarah’s side, she had even embezzled quite a large sum.

“Stop rambling. We already have solid evidence. Let’s go.”

Manager Howard was taken away very soon. The news went viral in the company.

When Harvey knew about it, he looked at the busy silhouette in the office. He was utterly in awe and in fear.

In the evening.

A flashy sports car stopped in front of the corporation’s building.

Catherine got in the car. When she saw Joseph’s face, which she had not seen in a long time, she gave a friendly smile. “Joseph, it’s been a while.”

She would never forget that it had been Joseph who gave her a job when she was blacklisted by the architecture design industry in Melbourne back then due to Jeffery and Sally.

She never expected that they would be working together again after three years.

“Catherine, you’ve become prettier. I’m seeing you in a new light.” Joseph laughed. “Let’s go. To celebrate our collaboration, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“Joseph, I’m the one who should be treating you. Your company was the only one in Australia that would stand out to support me,” Catherine said sincerely, “You’re my benefactor.”

“The outsiders don’t know your identity as the design director of Hazle Group.” Joseph joked.

“Just keeping a low profile.”

Catherine pressed her finger to her lips and made a mysterious look. Laughter rang in the car.

An hour later, the car drove into a courtyard. There was a small creek and bridges.

A few luxury cars were parked in the courtyard.

Catherine was familiar with private kitchens such as this one. It might be in a secluded area but the food tasted great.

As they crossed a bridge, Chase drew open a curtain and walked out. “Rin, I missed you so much. Come, let me hug you.”

“Young Master Harrison…” Catherine was surprised, but then she quickly frowned.

“Don’t overthink it. I didn’t tell Shaun and the rest,” Chase quickly explained, “I came with Joseph.”

“You guys…”


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