Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 637

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Shaun turned around. Catherine was walking out with a good-looking young man. That man was wearing jeans and a checkered shirt. His short hair was slightly curled, and he looked like a celebrity—dashing with a good fashion sense.

On that guy’s arm was a beige-colored women’s windbreaker, and it was obviously Catherine’s.

That woman… They were not divorced yet but she was already hooking up with other guys.

A chill flashed across Shaun’s dark eyes.

At that moment, Catherine spotted the group of people as well.

She blinked and looked at Chase speechlessly.

Chase touched his nose sheepishly.

Sarah suddenly said, “Chase, the friends you mentioned just now were… them?”

“Yes.” Chase simply nodded. “Rin came back. We definitely had to meet up and have a meal together. I know that you guys aren’t on good terms with each other, so we’ll be leaving first.”

He waved and walked toward Catherine’s side.

Cindy said reluctantly, “Since everyone knows each other, why don’t we go to the clubhouse together? The more the merrier.”

Everyone’s gazes immediately landed on her. Chester frowned while Shaun smirked. “It’s not impossible. It just so happens that I have something I want to learn from Director Jones. When did you start scheming that business trick to revive the corporation despite being in a hopeless situation? You deceived me completely, so you should at least treat me to a meal.”

Catherine lifted her gaze lazily. Just as she was about to speak, she suddenly burped. “Excuse me, I’m too full. Right, you were saying?”


The surroundings went creepily quiet.

Even Chase was looking at her with a gaze full of admiration.

However, the high and mighty Shaun’s cold expression was replaced with overflowing anger.

When everyone thought he was about to unleash his wrath on Catherine, he suddenly smiled. “Do you think that your status has changed just because Hudson Corporation’s market value has increased by tens of billions? Catherine, destroying you is just as easy as squashing an ant for me.”

Catherine dug her ear. “I think I understand your words, and I’m quite thankful for you indeed. Of course, I can treat you to a meal. That’s not a problem. But what’s with this bunch of people? Do I need to treat them too? I have to treat your lover, douchebag friends, and the douchebag’s girlfriend? Even if I have a lot of money, it didn’t fall from the sky.”

Lover, douchebag friends, the douchebag’s girlfriend.

Sarah, Chester, Rodney, and Cindy took her words personally. Their expressions changed.

Chester’s gentlemanly face darkened. “Catherine, it’s been three years yet you’ve shown no improvements. Do you not want your tongue anymore?”

“I really can’t afford to offend you guys. You just simply destroy other peoples’ companies and pluck their tongues out.” Catherine tsked and shook her head. She turned to Joseph and said, “Joseph, let’s go.”


Shaun looked at him coldly. “You’re Talton Design’s president?”

Joseph smiled faintly. He neither admitted nor denied it.

Shaun nodded and said icily, “Very well, you’re the only person who dares to go against me in the whole of Australia.”

“Catherine is my junior. For her, I don’t fear any threats.” Joseph smiled at Catherine who was taken aback. “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Catherine left with him and they walked side by side.

At the courtyard, the moonlight shone on them as if they were a perfect couple.

Shaun’s chest felt as if someone had suddenly lit a fire in it. He was enraged.

Sarah looked at him and clenched her fists in secret.

“Um… I’m leaving too. We promised to have oysters together.” Chase left hurriedly after he spoke.

“Chase is just too much,” Rodney said furiously, “Are we still going to the clubhouse to have fun?”

“It’s boring going to the clubhouse all the time. Let’s just go back.” Shaun walked out.


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