Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 639

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“That must be her boyfriend. I’m so envious that he can date such a goddess-like woman.”

“Yeah, her figure looks great too. Why don’t I have such luck?”

“Uh, why did it become so cold suddenly? Was the air conditioner’s temperature lowered?”

“Now that you say it, I feel quite cold too.”


Shaun clenched his jaw. He walked over with long strides.

When Catherine, who just sat down, held up her glass to take a sip of red wine, a strong force yanked her backward all of a sudden.

The red wine in the glass spilled all over the white T-shirt on her chest.

The part of her shirt that got wet stuck to her chest tightly, revealing her impressive curves and the faint lines beneath.

Catherine screamed. She turned back angrily and saw Shaun’s angry yet handsome face.

“Shaun, are you crazy?”

After glaring at him, Catherine quickly took a tissue to wipe the stains on her shirt.

However, no matter how hard she wiped, it still stuck to her chest tightly. It made her shirt look transparent and awkward.

“Wear this.” Joseph immediately took her windbreaker and wanted to cover her shoulders with it, but Shaun’s large hands stopped him from doing so. Shaun’s deep eyes were staring at him in a warning.

“President Hill, don’t you already have a girlfriend? You’re meddling in too much.” Joseph smiled calmly.

“You should ask Catherine the reason why I’m meddling in her affairs.” Shaun grabbed the windbreaker and threw it on Catherine. “Wear it and button it up.”

As he spoke, his glance swept across Catherine. His eyes became heated up.

He had never expected her to be so s**y.

Thinking that he was the one who bought the undergarments she wore underneath, an indescribable feeling welled in his heart.

“What bad luck did I have in my last life that I have to meet you in this lifetime?”

His arrogant tone made Catherine feel a rush of fury.

“That’s what I’m curious about too.” Shaun noticed that her curves could still be seen as she had not buttoned the top button. He suddenly felt upset and helped her to button it up. The softness he felt beneath his hand was like a feather tickling his heart.

What on earth was that woman like in her last lifetime? Had she been a temptress?

“Shaun, why did you come?”

When Chase, who went to refill another plate of oysters, returned, his eyes almost dropped from their sockets when he saw that scene. He looked around hastily and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that there was only Shaun. He did not want to bump into Rodney, Sarah, and the rest. There was only endless sarcasm whenever they met.

“Weren’t you guys going to the clubhouse? Aren’t you accompanying Sarah?” He added two more sentences.

That made Shaun’s expression darken. “Why? Hasn’t she told you guys even though you’ve been hanging out for so long already?”

He turned his head toward Catherine and raised his eyebrows. “Where’s your marriage certificate? Don’t you like to bring it along everywhere? Take it out and let them have a look.”


Catherine was speechless. “Don’t you feel any shame when saying this out loud? Never mind that you’re hooking up with another woman when you aren’t even divorced yet, but you’re even working together with your lover to go against my company and bring me down. Shame on you.”

“You clearly know that I have no feelings for you. It was you who kept clinging to me. You even tried to hurt Sarah. It serves you right!”

Shaun showed no consideration in his words at all. Chase was used to it, but Joseph was bothered hearing his words. “I didn’t know that the words of Australia’s wealthiest man, the President Hill whom everyone respects, would be so shocking.”

“Who do you think you are to point your fingers at me?” Shaun’s thin lips showed a mocking smile. “You can’t possibly like her right?”

Joseph said gently, “Isn’t it normal to like her? Catherine is outstanding and pretty. As long as she’s willing to date me, I can accept her any time, unlike a certain someone who’s like a dog in the manger.”

Catherine was surprised, but she understood immediately when she saw Joseph blinking at her in secret. Her heart warmed.

Shaun clenched his fists. His anger made Chase suspect that he would lunge at someone at any second.