Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 640

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Chase quickly went between the two men. “Shaun, calm down. Joseph is just joking.”

“I wasn’t joking, though.” Joseph smirked.

Shaun, who was being provoked again, narrowed his gaze. He sneered, “It’s too bad she’s unwilling. It’s her who refuses to get divorced now.”

After he spoke, he pulled Catherine to him and stared at her sharply. “Say your thoughts. Do you want to divorce me?”

Catherine grinned. “I do.”

Shaun’s face stiffened. His blazing eyes looked as though he wanted to eat her alive.

She had adamantly refused to get proof of divorce just a few days ago. However, now that she had another man, she wanted to leave him immediately.

“But not now,” Catherine continued saying, “You and Sarah tortured me and made my life a living h**l. I came back after three years, yet Sarah still did countless stupid acts. Tell her to dream on if she thinks I would surrender the position of Young Madam Hill so easily.”

Joseph immediately poured a glass of wine for her and put on an affectionate expression. “I’ll support you no matter what you do. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Thank you.” Catherine was about to hold the wine glass.

However, she was yanked down from the chair by Shaun before she even touched the glass.

“Leave with me.”

“That won’t do. The nightlife is just starting.” Joseph grabbed Catherine’s other hand.

“Let go. If you mess with me, I can still cause harm to Talton Design even if I can’t ruin it. It doesn’t matter that you’re in a different industry,” Shaun warned.

The gazes of the two men clashed with each other. Catherine turned toward Joseph helplessly and said in a soft voice, “Joseph, I’m sorry. I’ll treat you to another meal next time.”

“You’re not allowed to eat with him again,” Shaun uttered another warning.


Joseph laughed and ignored Shaun’s words. “Okay, next time. Be careful and call me if anything happens. I’ll always be by your side.”

“Thank—” Catherine had not finished talking yet when she was lifted onto Shaun’s shoulders and carried out.

Chase gave Joseph a thumbs up. “You’re amazing. You dare to go against Shaun so openly. You’re really not scared of him.”

“I’m in architecture and he’s in technology. Even if he wants to destroy me, who’s in another industry, that’ll take some planning. It won’t be that easy.” Joseph shrugged his shoulders calmly.

“Too bad you’re not an actor.”

“Why do you say I’m acting? Can’t I be serious about it?” Joseph raised his eyebrows in a teasing manner.

Chase was taken aback. “No way… You’re serious?”

“Men always desire beautiful women,” Joseph said while grinning, “Although I know that I can’t have her, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s my sweetheart.”

Catherine was thrown into the car by Shaun.

When she fell, it was as if her organs had almost fallen out of her as well.

The canvas shoe on her foot dropped under the car when she fell.

“My…” She clambered to pick them up but she only heard Shaun close the door hard.

The door was quickly locked, and she could not open it no matter how much she tried.

Shaun sat on the driver’s seat. He stepped on the accelerator and sped off.

“Shaun, stop the car. My shoe fell off.” Catherine went over and pulled on him.

“Don’t try to trick me. I know you just want to go back and look for Joseph, don’t you?” Shaun had a raging fire inside of him. “Catherine Jones, why are you such a b*tch? I was wondering how you managed to sign a collaboration with Hazle Group and Talton Design, and it turns out that you relied on your looks and body. You’re shameless, but I’m not.”

“What did you say?” Catherine widened her eyes.

Shaun sneered, “Do you need a clearer explanation from me? With your ability, would Hazle Group even consider Hudson Corporation if you hadn’t had some shady exchange? You really have some tricks up your sleeve. You made Joseph fall for you and he doesn’t even think you’re d***y.”

Catherine took a deep breath. Although she knew that no good words could come out of his nasty mouth, she wanted to hit him to d***h with her shoe when he accused her in such a filthy way.

In fact, she really did it.

She quickly took off the remaining shoe on her foot and smacked it across his face without hesitation.


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