Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 641

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Shaun, who never thought she would be so daring, got hit right in the face by the sole of her shoe.

The car even rocked along with his fiery temper.

“Catherine, I think you must be tired of living.” He snatched the shoe and threw it out of the window in a fury. If he were not driving at that moment, he would definitely teach her a lesson.

“Who asked you to say filthy words?” Catherine felt strangely satisfied when she saw the shoe print on his handsome face. “Shaun, you lost my shoes. You have to compensate me with another pair.”

Shaun sneered, “Why? You want me to compensate you with a pair of shoes for you to wear in front of Sarah and say that I bought them for you to hurt her? Catherine, what a good plan you have.”

“If you don’t want to hurt her, you should let me go and not get tangled up with me over here in the middle of the night.” Catherine looked forward, and it did not seem like it was the way back to her home. “Shaun, where are you taking me?”

“Inappropriate women like you are better off locked up so that you can’t embarrass me and cheat on me.”

Catherine felt the cold reaching her bones. “You’re confining me again?”

“You brought this upon yourself,” Shaun retorted.

She recalled the days she had been locked up three years ago.

Catherine rushed forward and grabbed the steering wheel as if she was insane.

“Catherine, you’re crazy! Let go right now!” Shaun freed a hand to push her.

However, the current Catherine could not be restrained so easily compared to three years ago.

The steering wheel was jerked left and right by both of them.

Finally, Catherine bit his ear. She turned the steering wheel so that they were about to crash into the flowerbed at the side of the road. Her leg squeezed over to step on the accelerator hard.

“Catherine, quickly let go!”

Shaun grimaced when he saw the car going over the flowerbed, heading toward a wall. He, who had always been calm and collected, was shocked. He hastily stepped on the brakes.

However, Catherine sneakily grabbed his sensitive parts. That made him cry out in pain.

“Shaun, I don’t want to be imprisoned by you another time. This time, we’ll d*e together.”

Catherine looked at him with a crazy and reckless gaze.

Shaun was taken aback.


There was a loud sound as the car crashed into the wall.

The windows were shattered.

The safety airbags were deployed and squeezed both of them into the driver’s seat.

Shaun felt his brain being hit, causing him a concussion. He was feeling dizzy. At that moment, he saw Catherine’s bright but dark eyes filled with joy, like colorful fireworks blooming in the starry night sky.

As she smiled, a trail of blood trickled down her forehead.

Shaun’s eyes widened.

Somehow, he felt like something in his chest was about to burst out in pain.

It was so painful to the point that he could not breathe normally.

The pain was excruciating.

He even felt his eyes tingling as if there was liquid about to come out of it.

It looked like… she really wanted him d**d.

She was so determined to make him d*e.

He heard people shouting from outside the car in a blur.

“There’s been an accident!”

“Call the ambulance!”