Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 642

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Beep beep.


The sound of the heart monitor could be heard continuously.

Shaun could only hear a crying voice beside his ears.

He struggled to open his eyes and saw Sarah’s tear-streaked face.

“Shaunic, you’re awake.” Sarah stood up immediately.

Rodney and Chester walked over at the same time.

While looking at them, the last scene before he went unconscious flashed across his mind. He blurted out instinctively, “Where’s Catherine?”

Sarah’s tear-streaked face stiffened. Rodney said furiously, “You still have the nerve to ask about her? Shaun, you lied to Sarah saying you had a meeting but you went to look for Catherine instead. What were you trying to do? The police checked the surveillance cameras. They said you two had an argument in the car and that’s why you went over the flowerbed, crashing into the wall. The fact that she tried to take control of the steering wheel while you were driving meant that she wanted you to d*e. The police will investigate her. She’ll be sentenced when she gets better.”

Shaun was tight-lipped.

Somehow, the scene before he went unconscious kept replaying in his head.

Catherine’s gaze was deeply engraved in his mind.

“Shaunic,” Sarah softly called out to him with a hoarse throat.

He came back to his senses quickly. “Sarah, I’m sorry…”

“Shaunic, why did you lie to me?” Tears came streaming down Sarah’s cheeks. “Shaunic, we’ve been together for more than ten years. If you can’t let her go, you should… You should just go back to her side.”

“Sarah, how could you say that?” Rodney snarled. “If you ask me, you’re being too much, Shaun. Do you know that Sarah nearly fainted when she knew that you got into an accident? She’s been taking care of you without eating or drinking. She has waited for you for so long. If you betray her, I’ll be the first person who won’t let you off the hook.”

“Shaun, why exactly did you go to look for Catherine?” Chester was staring at Shaun as well.

“Don’t ask him any more questions. Let him rest properly,” Sarah said while she held Shaun’s hand. Her eyes were filled with distress.

The guilt in Shaun’s heart grew heavier. “I’m sorry, Sarah. I’ll think of a way to get divorced as soon as possible. I’ll surely marry you this year.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Sarah lowered her gaze.

She was about to go crazy from jealousy.

Why did Catherine keep haunting her? Did Catherine have to force her to commit something horrible again?

For the next three days, Sarah took care of Shaun without leaving his side.

On the day he was discharged, he saw Catherine being brought down by two policemen when he was going downstairs.

Their eyes met.

Catherine stared into his eyes. “Shaun, do you wish for me to go to jail that badly?”

Shaun was taken aback. Sarah, who returned from collecting medicine, came over and said while frowning, “It’s not that we want you to go to jail, but you went overboard this time. Shaunic nearly died. Besides, the police are just doing their jobs according to protocol. You violated the law by obstructing the driver while he was driving.”

“Don’t you have a f*cking clue as to why I obstructed you?” Catherine laughed. Her pretty eyes were calm and cold.

Shaun frowned, while Sarah circled his arm. “Shaunic, let’s go. Ignore her.”

From the corner of his eyes, Shaun saw Catherine going into the police car. He felt annoyed.

“I’m sorry. You must think that I’m very bad,” Sarah said self-deprecatingly, “I’m just too afraid. If we don’t give her a lesson, I’m scared that she’ll really take you away next time.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Shaun patted her head.

“Shaunic, stay away from her. I can’t bear the pain of losing you,” Sarah said miserably.


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