Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 643

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“You won’t lose me.”

Shaun sighed in his heart.

After the driver sent Sarah back to the villa, Shaun went to the company.

He had delayed too much work during the days he was hospitalized.

Just as he got in the car, he received a call from the police. “President Hill, excuse me, but there’s a change in the situation. Please come to the police station.”

An hour later.

Shaun appeared at the police station.

On the chair outside the police station, Catherine had already finished a round of a game. She did not have any make-up on and was completely b**e-faced. Her hair was tied into a bun, revealing her pretty, clear face. She looked like a pure and innocent university student.

However, Shaun still remembered how she had crazily grabbed the steering wheel and his sensitive parts as well…

F*ck, he had been in pain for a few days.

“Hi! We’re meeting again so soon.” Catherine waved her hand while smiling.

“What did you do?” Shaun walked over in large strides.

The police played a recording. A part of their dialogue from when they argued in the car was played.

Shaun’s face became livid. That woman had gone as far as to record that moment.

The police said, “Excuse me, President Hill. I would just like to tell you that this recording constitutes the evidence that you were intending to kidnap and confine Ms. Jones. The fact that Ms. Jones grabbed the steering wheel can be counted as self-defense and isn’t a crime.”


“On the contrary, I can sue you for trying to kidnap me.” Catherine grinned, showing her white teeth. “Oh, I even reported you for throwing things out of the window while driving.”

“What did I throw?” Shaun was puzzled.

“My shoe.” Catherine raised her leg. She was wearing a pair of high heels with thin straps over her fair ankles and feet. There was a bit of wine-red nail polish on her dainty toes. It was very alluring and tickled men’s hearts.

Shaun’s mind wandered for a moment.

A moment later, he came back to his senses and stared at Catherine furiously.

She even lodged a report on such a small matter. What a petty woman!

The police coughed lightly. “She reported it to the traffic police. According to the traffic laws, the owner of the car will get a demerit of two points and a fine of 200 dollars for throwing things out of the window.”


“Alright, you guys can leave already.” The police just wanted to get these two big shots to leave.

“Wait, he hasn’t compensated me for my medical fees yet.” Catherine’s delicate finger scrolled through her phone’s screen and she showed a message to the police. “My hospitalization and treatment fees cost me 6,800 dollars.”

The police officer was having a headache. “This case isn’t easy to judge. If both of you still have a dispute, you should bring it to court. However, hiring a lawyer will cost more than that amount of money, so I suggest that both of you settle this out of court.”

“Okay, as long as President Hill is willing to give me the money.” Catherine looked at Shaun with a smile. Her expression was like a cunning little fox. It made people’s hearts itch and want to give her a few slaps on the butt.

“Money is just a small matter, but why should I give it to you?” Shaun said.

“Well then, I can only upload the recording on the internet and let others hear that not only are we not divorced, but you were even planning to confine me. That’d be interesting.”

It was as if Catherine could guess his answer beforehand.

Shaun felt that his head, which just recovered, was starting to hurt again. “Catherine, is there anything else you know how to do except for threatening me?”

“I know many other things. Do you want to try?” Catherine’s pink juicy lips smirked and her playful eyes blinked at him ambiguously.


Shaun was caught off guard with her flirting. His expression turned dark.


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