Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 646

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Just as Catherine finished speaking, she saw a shadow looming over her.

Shaun was glaring at her with a hard expression, and his eyes were blazing.

“Who are you on the phone with? Joseph?”

She even said the word ‘darling’ and gave a kiss to that person on the other end of the phone.

When he thought about her being so intimate with a guy, he had the urge to strangle her.

Catherine was shocked. She was talking to Suzie and Lucas. She could never let Shaun discover their existence.

“What does it have to do with you?”

Catherine took off her earphones in a hurry and wanted to hang up the call. However, she did not know that her frantic actions only made Shaun feel like she was trying to hide something. He snatched her phone angrily and put the call on speaker. “Joseph?”

“Shaun…” Catherine’s heart was about to leap out of her throat. She hoped that Suzie and Lucas were quick-witted.

“Uncle, who’s Joseph?” A naive, childish voice was heard from the phone.

Shaun was taken aback. He never expected that it would be a little girl’s voice. Furthermore, that voice was speaking in baby talk. It could make people’s hearts go soft.

However, why was Catherine so close with a kid?

“I got the wrong person. Who are you? What is your relationship with Catherine?” Shaun tried to soften his voice to avoid scaring the little girl.

“Uncle, why are you talking to me as if you’re interrogating a criminal?” Suzie said unhappily.

“…” Shaun had a headache. He had lived up till now but did not know how to communicate with kids at all.

“Shaun, give my phone back to me.” Catherine stretched her hand to snatch it. Shaun immediately held the phone with his other hand and lifted it high.

“Uncle, why did you steal Aunty Cathy’s phone?” Suzie said in anger.

“Aunty?” Shaun was stunned. For some reason, it felt as if a weight was lifted off his chest.

What a relief. He thought Catherine already had a child with another man.

“That’s right. Did you think she’s my mom? Though I really hope she’s my mom too.” Suzie started crying after she said that.

The corner of Catherine’s lips twitched. She was so surprised earlier that she forgot even though Suzie was a lazy bum, she was quick-witted and a little drama queen.

Shaun usually hated it a lot when kids cried, but somehow, he went soft-hearted when the little girl on the phone cried. “You don’t have a mom?”

“It’s not that. My mom is very fierce to me. She always scolds me and gets furious at me. She doesn’t even give me chocolates. Aunty Cathy is different. She always buys me lots of chocolates. I like her a lot. But after she went to Australia, no one buys me chocolate anymore. Boo-hoo…”


Were kids all like that nowadays? Shaun was starting to doubt life.

Catherine was speechless. Was Suzie implying to her to send chocolates over? That little kid was really intelligent.

“Little kid, eating too much chocolate is bad for your teeth,” Shaun said gently.

“My teeth are still very well. Uncle, what relationship do you have with Aunty Cathy? Are you pursuing her?” Suzie asked nosily.


Shaun could not find any words to reply to her. It seemed like the conversation could not go on anymore.

“Why aren’t you answering my question?” Suzie said childishly, “Are you just taking her in as your mistress and not pursuing her?”

“… Little kid, who taught you those words? You’re too young. You don’t understand the adult’s world.”

Shaun’s temples throbbed. He quickly hung up the call. This was the first time he felt exhausted from talking to a kid.

Catherine took back her phone. Shaun said with a bad temper, “Whose kid is that? How did her parents educate her? Her upbringing is a mess.”


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