Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 647

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“Yeah, her parents don’t really educate her about these things.” Catherine faked a smile and said, “Especially her dad. He has another woman outside and is often not at home.”

“Her dad is too irresponsible.” Shaun strangely felt pity for that little girl.

“Yes, just like you,” Catherine said, “When I was overseas, I couldn’t help but remember the children we lost whenever I saw my neighbor’s children.”


Shaun’s chest felt stuffy. He sneered, “You’re just trying to imply something about me. Why did we get married back then? It was you who had brazenly insisted on getting married to me. If it weren’t for you climbing into my bed, would I have even given you the chance to get pregnant?”

Catherine smiled vaguely as she looked at him. “Tell me, then. How exactly did I climb into your bed?”

“How do you still dare to bring it up? Didn’t you succeed because you added something to my drink back in Melbourne?” Shaun accused her coldly.

Catherine realized it instantly. Sarah’s hypnosis was so powerful that even Shaun’s memories were entirely rewritten to the point that he could not notice it himself.

“Why? Did you think that I would’ve forgotten about it after three years?” Shaun mocked.

“Yeah, your memory is so good. It’s late, I want to go back. Do you want to follow me back? Who knows, I might offer you some wine again?” Catherine shook the plastic bag she held. “I just happen to have red wine in here. Do you want to have a glass together?”

“It’s d***y.” Shaun glared at her viciously. He then turned around and left.

Catherine shook her head speechlessly. He loitered around her area every day. Sarah must be anxious.

However, it was better that way. If not, how could her plan be executed?

After Shaun got in the car, he was not in a hurry to start the vehicle.

He recalled the voice of the little girl on the phone. He suddenly felt a heart-wrenching emotion.

If the two babies were still alive, what would they look like? They would surely be adorable.

The doctor had even said they were twins.

During those years, he had never thought of that matter before. However, his heart was suddenly in pain that night.

They were his children, after all.

At the seaside villa.

Sarah received a few pictures from a private investigator on her phone.

In the pictures, Shaun and Catherine were together at the gates of Hackett Institute.

Sarah’s pretty face became twisted from anger and jealousy.

It could not go on like this. She had to quickly conquer Shaun.

An hour later, Shaun arrived home in his car.

Right when he was about to take a bath, Sarah brought a glass of milk upstairs. “Shaunic, I made this for you.”

“Thank you.” Shaun downed the milk without a second thought.

However, when he was taking his bath, he felt his body getting increasingly uncomfortable. Even a cold bath was useless.

At that moment, he realized what was happening even though he was dense.

He immediately got dressed and rushed out. Sarah flung herself into his arms. ‘Shaunic, I love you.”

“Was there something wrong with the milk you gave me?” Shaun grabbed her arm, his eyes filled with anger and disappointment.

“I’m sorry, Shaunic. I didn’t want to do this.” Sarah shook her head and started weeping. “But I really can’t lose you. Ever since Catherine returned, you keep coming back home later and later. I just want to be with you. I’m really scared that she’ll steal you away from me. Shaunic, don’t leave me, I beg you.”


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