Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 648

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Sarah had a kind and thoughtful image in Shaun’s heart all along.

As she cried in front of him, he could not describe the feeling he had inside his heart.

There was surely anger, though. Other people might not have known about it, but Sarah should know that the incident was considered taboo to him.

However, she still did it anyway.

The main reason being he did not make her feel secure enough.

As he thought about it, it was true that after Catherine returned, he had been paying Sarah less attention.

Besides, Sarah had always silently stayed by his side yet he could not even satisfy her most basic need.

As a man, Shaun felt sorry.

At that moment, he could not bring himself to refuse Sarah’s humble plea.

Seeing that he was remaining silent, Sarah took the initiative more than ever before.

Although Shaun’s body was burning up, he still felt repulsed at Sarah’s touch.

He could not take it anymore and pushed her away strongly.

Sarah fell on the carpet in a mess.

“Sarah, I’m sorry…”

When Shaun saw her pale face, he shook his head at a loss. He turned around and rushed out of the study.

“Shaunic, wait.” Sarah struggled to go after him in disheveled clothing, but she only saw the silhouette of his car leaving.

“Ah, Shaun, you’re useless!”

Sarah stomped her feet hysterically. She could not believe it. He was already in such an uncomfortable state, yet his body still could not accept her.


Did she make him feel that disgusted?

Where exactly did her hypnosis go wrong?

However, with his body in that state, he could not have gone out to look for other women, right?

No, it could not be. He was incapable of s*x. Finding other women would be useless to him as well.

A wave of unease enveloped her.

However… What if Shaun went to look for Catherine?

Sarah called Rodney in a hurry. She explained everything to him while crying.

Rodney was shocked. “What? Shaun can’t have s*x?”

“Rodney, let’s put that aside. Quickly think of a way to find him. I’m afraid that something will happen to him,” Sarah said anxiously.

“The thing is, I’m away on a business trip today. I’ll ask Chester to look for him as soon as possible.”

“You’re not around?” Sarah almost wanted to spit out blood. That stupid Rodney was of no use when it came to a critical moment.

Deep into the night.

A car sped along the streets.

Shaun lowered all the windows. The cold night wind blew in, but it did not disperse the heat in his body. Instead, he was on the verge of collapsing.

No. This was not good.

Catherine’s face flashed across his hazy mind.

He stepped on the accelerator harder.

The car sped toward Hackett Institute.

At Hackett Institute, Catherine had no clue that someone was thinking about her.

She was on a video call with Suzie and Lucas. Due to the time difference, it was still daytime in Country M.

“Mom, how was my performance today?” Suzie said excitedly, “I heard you calling Shaun’s name, so I knew that was my scummy dad. Of course, I wouldn’t expose my identity. I don’t want him to take me back and let a bad woman be my stepmother.”

“Cough…” Catherine almost got choked by the water she was drinking. The way her daughter spoke was too heartless. If it were other children, they would have been sad for half a day.

She could not help but set her gaze on Lucas’ face. “My darling son, what do you think?”

“I don’t like him. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to be responsible for you, yet he wants you to be modest. What a j**k.” Lucas got straight to the point.

“… Err, you have a point there.” Catherine was secretly astonished by the twins’ wide range of vocabulary.

“Mom, I don’t like him either. He won’t let me eat chocolate,” Suzie said, “It’s already enough having one person in the family who doesn’t let me eat chocolate. If there’s another one, then I won’t be able to eat chocolate at all.”

“… Ha, you’re such a clever little kid.” Catherine praised her while having a headache.

“Of course, don’t you know whose darling daughter I am?”

At that moment, the sound of someone banging on the door came from outside.

“Catherine, quickly open the door.”

It was Shaun again.

Catherine rubbed her forehead. Was he intending to keep this going even at night?

“Mom, did my scummy dad come looking for you again?” Lucas quickly said, “It should be 11:00 p.m. in Australia now. Is he planning to stay the night seeing that he’s here so late?”

“You think too much. I think he has an urgent matter to see me about. Let’s talk tomorrow.”

Catherine hung up the video call. She walked to the door but was not in a hurry to open it. “Shaun, what do you want to do?”

“Stop nagging. If you don’t open the door, I’ll kick it until it breaks.” Shaun started kicking the door non-stop.

Catherine was afraid that he would disturb the neighbors at such a late hour, so she opened the door.

Once the door opened, Shaun came charging at her. His thin lips landed on hers hard.

As she had just bathed not long ago, the faint fragrance on her body wafted into his nose.

The remaining rationality that Shaun had was destroyed.

At that moment, Catherine looked like a piece of delicious cake to him. She was very tempting.

“Shaun, what are you doing?! Let me go!” Catherine was utterly shocked. She could only push him away slightly despite using all her strength.

His handsome face was flushed red. She had seen such a sight before and was very familiar with this appearance of his.

“I want you.” Shaun stared at her with bloodshot eyes.

“You came to the wrong place. Go find Sarah. I—ah!”

Catherine had not finished speaking when the man kissed her again, not giving her any chance to talk.

The night passed.

The morning sun shone through the windows.

Catherine opened her eyes due to the glaring sunlight. She turned her head and saw Shaun who was fast asleep. She kicked him out of anger.

F*ck him!

Shaun, who was sleeping soundly, frowned. However, he did not open his eyes.

Catherine struggled to get up. She walked into the bathroom.

She bathed herself with hot water and only came out after half an hour.

When she opened the bathroom door, she saw the guy sitting on the bed after waking up.

Their eyes met. Shaun immediately saw the hickeys on her neck and collarbone. He lowered his gaze and saw the messy bed. His expression went dark.

He could still vaguely remember what had happened last night.

He had been set up by Sarah. She was his girlfriend and fiancée. Although she had made a mistake, he still loved her and was willing to forgive her. It was just that he would feel nauseous whenever he touched Sarah.

In the end, he drove out and came to look for Catherine without being able to control himself.

D**n it, why did it turn out this way?

Not only had he done Sarah wrong, but he even got involved with Catherine.

Catherine observed his face that appeared to be in pain for a moment and saw him gritting his teeth the next moment. She sneered and threw the towel she was holding in her hands at him.

“Shaun, so this is the love you have for Sarah? I can really feel it.”


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