Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 650

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Shaun looked at Catherine’s back with complicated feelings.

Sarah lied to him?

He had never thought of it before. It surely had to be Catherine’s scheme.

He had sweated profusely last night, so he was feeling uncomfortable all over now. He wanted to take a bath after he went into the bathroom but he did not have a towel. He gave it some thought and simply took Catherine’s towel.

He was a clean freak. He could not even bear using Sarah’s towel to wipe his face. However, when he used Catherine’s towel, he did not feel repulsed at all. Her towel had a pleasant smell as well, just like her body.

When he came out of the bathroom, Catherine was sitting in the dining area, having pasta. There even was a golden fried egg on the pasta. It looked delicious at first sight.

Shaun, who was exhausted from last night, immediately felt hungry. “Where’s mine?”

He directly sat on the chair beside her and looked like he was waiting for someone to serve him breakfast.

Catherine glanced at him lazily. “Yours? It’s in your own home.”


“There’s no maid to serve you breakfast even if you wait here.”

The expectation on Shaun’s face could be seen diminishing rapidly, replaced with anger. “Catherine, I’m at your place now. I don’t care. I’m hungry, so you have to cook pasta for me right now.”

“Why do I have to cook for you? Would you be thankful to me if I did? I don’t even see you thanking me for saving you last night.”

The pent-up anger inside of Catherine finally exploded. “You eat and drink my stuff every single time you come here. Not only do you not pay for any of it, you even land me into trouble every once in a while. Get lost!”

“You dare tell me to get lost?” A dark aura emanated from Shaun.

“What else? Do you want me to tell you to walk out of here? The problem is, you don’t know how to walk.”


Did she mean that he did not know how to walk but he knew how to scram?

Shaun’s face was filled with anger. Why had he not previously noticed that she had a smart mouth?

“Catherine, do you have a d***h wish?”

“Why? You want to hit me? Bring it on, then. I’m in pain all over my body anyway. My bones could fall apart with another few movements.” Catherine stood up. Her pretty, clear eyes were glinting with tears. She looked aggrieved.

The anger in Shaun subsided all of a sudden. He could not stand to see her looking that way. He admitted that he had indeed gone overboard last night.

“Don’t cry. Isn’t it just about money…” He took a gold card out of his pocket and handed it to her. “Buy whatever you want. I just want this plate of pasta.”

“I don’t want it. I’m in pain.” Catherine did not look at him at all and continued eating her pasta.

Shaun stared at the back of her head for a while. He took a fork from the kitchen and ate the pasta together with her.

“Shaun, you’re not allowed to eat mine.” Catherine blocked his fork. Her pretty eyes were wide from glaring. Her slightly swollen lips were stained with oil, but it only made her lips look more delicate like jelly. It made people want to have a taste.

Her current appearance made Shaun’s heart itch. He knew why her lips were swollen. It was because he had kissed them last night. He could still remember the taste of her lips.

“I want to eat.”

Shaun started snatching the food from her.

The two adults were like kids fighting with each other. The egg was even split in half.

When there were a few strands of pasta left, Catherine simply lowered her head and devoured them. After she succeeded, she raised her eyebrows smugly, as though she was a kid who had won a fight.


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