Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 653

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9:00 a.m.

Catherine had just opened the door, ready to go to work, when a disheveled-haired Sarah rushed over like a madwoman.

“Catherine Jones, you shameless b*tch! You mistress! You vixen!” She screamed and hit Catherine’s face.

However, instead of hitting Catherine, she hit the garbage bag in Catherine’s hand.

“It’s for you.” Catherine threw the garbage bag at her with a smile. The pile of fruit peel, paper scraps, and leftover food was splattered all over Sarah.

Sarah almost vomited at the foul odor that wafted out.

She pulled the things off her head, but eventually, she still could not resist vomiting in disgust.

“Why are you throwing up? Do you see all those tissues? They are the ones Shaun and I used last night.”

Catherine smiled as she delivered blow after blow.

Three years ago, Sarah turned her life into a living h**l.

Sarah had single-handedly ruined her friends and family, yet here the woman was now, living a glorious life.

Every day, when she saw Sarah and Shaun on the news, she wanted nothing more than to tear Sarah apart.

Hence, she could not describe the happiness she felt seeing Sarah’s wretched appearance now.

The only reason she forced herself to accept Shaun last night was to see Sarah like this — furious and out-of-control.

After all, she found the sight of that filthy man disgusting.

“Ahh, you b*tch. I’ll k**l you!” Having been provoked, Sarah rushed up to her like a madwoman.

However, Catherine simply kicked her to the ground, and Sarah’s face just so happened to land on a tissue.

It was needless to say how satisfying that scene looked to her. “Do you think I’m still the same person I was three years ago? Sarah Neeson, I will never forget how you hurt me three years ago.”

“So what? The one Shaun loves is me!” Sarah was struggling to get up. She knew she was no match for Catherine and no longer dared to act rashly.

“Catherine Jones, I’ll tell Shaun what you did to me. Just wait and see how he’ll handle you.”

“Sure. How are you going to tell him?” Catherine had a vague smile on her face. “Tell him that I was the one who reached out to you and told you that he was with me last night and that I undid my clothes and showed you the hickeys on my body? Is that your plan?”

Sarah’s expression changed. That was indeed her plan.

Catherine laughed. “Tactics should only be used once. Did you think I wouldn’t notice after you’ve repeated it so many times?”

She then took out her phone that was on recording, tapped it, and sent it to Shaun.

“Stop.” Sarah tried to get up and grab it, but Catherine had already put the phone away.

“What? Are you scared?” Catherine looked at her pale face, and her eyes gradually turned cold. “Sarah, don’t think that I don’t know that you hypnotized Shaun. You can deceive him into loving you, but you should know very well that everything you have now is stolen.”

A look of shock flashed across Sarah’s eyes, but she quickly calmed down. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Shaun and I are childhood sweethearts, and he truly loves me.”

“Is that so? You can continue to lie to yourself. Hypnosis can tamper with a person’s memories and feelings, but it’s not forever.” Catherine grinned as she whispered in Sarah’s ear.

“What do you mean?” The uneasy premonition in Sarah’s heart grew stronger.

“It means that he might have loved you before, but what about after? Can you control him so he doesn’t change his mind?” Catherine smiled. “Yes, he did have you in his heart even though you were d**d, but I still made him fall in love with me. I know him and understand what kind of woman he likes, and I know how to make his heart flutter. I’m confident that I can make him fall in love with me again.”

Sarah’s face instantly turned grim. “So that’s your plan. Let me tell you, you can dream on!”

“Just wait and see. At the very least, he really did love me last night.” Catherine deliberately untied the silk scarf around her neck, revealing the hickeys.


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