Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 655

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The person on the other end immediately laughed. “I finally don’t have to guard that b*stard Lucifer every day.”

“You get a day off.”

At 5:00 p.m., just as Catherine was packed up and ready to leave, there was a sudden commotion outside.

“President Hill, you can’t go in.”

With a bam, the office door suddenly burst open, and Shaun barged in with a cold and angry presence.

Several security guards behind him said in a panic, “We’re sorry, President Jones. He insisted on barging in. We couldn’t stop him at all.”

“It’s fine. You guys can go out.” Catherine waved her hand. She knew how capable Shaun was. Not many people were a match for his extraordinary skill.

Yet as soon as she said that, Shaun walked up to her and grabbed her by the collar. He then pulled her up like she was a little chick. His voice and eyes were filled with rage.

“Catherine Jones, you have a lot of nerve. How dare you hit Sarah? Have you forgotten the warning I gave you this morning? Why do you have to hurt Sarah again and again and cross the line?”

Catherine tilted her head calmly. “Didn’t I send you the recording? She was the one who came to me first.”

“But you shouldn’t have thrown trash on her. You even hit her face.”

Shaun really wanted to inflict the same injuries on her as soon as he thought of Sarah’s red and swollen face. However, when he saw Catherine’s beautiful face at a closer distance, he somehow could not bring himself to act.

“I hit her face?” Catherine immediately caught on. Sure enough, Sarah’s ability to fight back was extraordinary.

“Stop acting. I don’t want to hit you because I hate d***y people, so you hit yourself. Use as much force as you did when you hit Sarah. I won’t let you off until I’m satisfied.” Shaun warned.

Catherine suppressed her anger and denied it. “I didn’t hit her face.”

“If you didn’t, then did she do it herself?” Shaun sneered. “I was beginning to see you in a different light last night, but I didn’t expect you to be so evil.”

“Evil? Me?”

Catherine was speechless.

He could not see who the evil person really was. He was completely blind.

“Of course, a man won’t fall in love with a woman if she’s not evil.” Catherine could not help but lament. No man would like a kind and honest woman these days.

“What? You’re trying to seduce me and make me fall in love with you so you can replace Sarah, aren’t you?” Shaun’s eyes were full of mockery. “Well, let me tell you. You’ll never compare to Sarah.”

Catherine suddenly let out a bitter laugh and looked down. “Fine, I’ll do it. But can you let me go first?”

Shaun let go of her collar. His eyes softened a little when he saw her obedient attitude. “As long as you change your ways from now on and don’t cause trouble for Sarah, I might…”

“You might what?” She looked up, revealing her confused eyes were wide open in anticipation and her beautifully flawless face.

Shaun froze for a few seconds and looked away awkwardly. “…I might not hate you so much.”


Shaun’s body tensed up at the sound of the woman’s delicate and expectant voice.

While he was slightly flustered, the woman in front of him suddenly dashed at him and kneed his most vulnerable spot.

The man’s painful and muffled grunt immediately echoed in the office.

Shaun bent over as his handsome features scrunched up in pain. “You…”

“Do you think I care if you hate me?” Catherine snickered when she saw him in pain.

“Who do you think you are? You were the one who forced yourself onto me last night. I’m clearly the victim, yet the two of you just love to come looking for trouble. Do you really think I’d just let you bully me?”

The more she said, the angrier she got. She grabbed the half-eaten cake from the side and smashed it on his head.


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