Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 664

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The color was the same, but on him, it looked elegant and noble. It was as if he was standing on a dazzling red carpet, and no one could tear their eyes away from him.

From the smoke, he lifted his clear and deep eyes.

Catherine froze when her eyes met his.

At that moment, the little boy in the neighbor’s house opened the door to take out the trash. He lifted his head and winked at Catherine with a smile. “Lady, you’re finally back. Your boyfriend has been waiting for you here for an hour. I saw him when I came back from school.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Catherine said in embarrassment.

“No need to be embarrassed. I saw you guys smooch last time.” The boy giggled and quickly shut the door after he finished speaking.

Through the door, Catherine heard the mother reprimanding her son. “You little brat. I told you to take out the trash. What nonsense are you talking about?”

“I wasn’t talking nonsense. When I was studying yesterday morning, I went downstairs with that man in the elevator. The other aunties and you always say that people who have relationships without marriage as a prerequisite are rascals.”


Shaun’s face was grim.

Catherine’s cheeks were also a little warm as she took out the key and opened the door. “What are you doing here?”

Shaun blurted out, “Am I not welcomed?”

At that, he became annoyed at himself. That was not what he wanted to say.

Catherine glanced at him and sneered. “Every time you come here, you want me to sleep with you. Sorry, but I’m very tired, and I don’t want to accompany you.”

“I’m not here for that today.”

Shaun was angered by her words again. “That’s enough. Don’t make me sound like I’m a rascal.”

“But you are.” Catherine glared at him with an exasperated look in her eyes, and her cheeks puffed out slightly. She was clearly angry, but she looked a little cute too.

Shaun’s heart tingled again, and he lowered his voice. “You know that somebody set me up that day. As for yesterday… Yesterday was because you pissed me off.”

Catherine replied with a hum. “So that’s how you act when I p**s you off. Do you act the same way as well when other women p**s you off?”

“Do you think I’m a scumbag?” Shaun sounded slightly annoyed.

Catherine said to herself, ‘Aren’t you?’

Despite that, her lips slightly curled up, and her beautiful eyes revealed a strange luster and expectation as if there were other reasons. Even her tone became a little flirty. “Then, why do you only treat me like that?”

Shaun caught the look in her eyes, and his heart stuttered. He suddenly had the urge to embrace her again.

However, Sarah’s gentle appearance suddenly flashed across his mind. He took out two boxes of medicine from his pocket and handed them over. “One box is for the injuries, and the other is the contraceptives. Remember to eat it.”

Catherine looked up. Her beautiful eyes quivered before tears welled up in anger. “Shaun Hill, what is the meaning of this? Are you so scared that I’ll get pregnant and affect your relationship with Sarah? In that case, why did you touch me?”

“I won’t touch you anymore. Take the medicine. Yesterday was an accident.” Shaun hardened his heart and said.

“Shaun Hill, you’re not a man. Get out of my sight.” Catherine pushed him out as tears streamed down from the corners of her eyes.

When Shaun saw her crying, he felt bad. Ever since she came back, she had been sharp and cold except in bed, but he had never seen her cry. His mouth moved subconsciously and said, “Catherine, I don’t hate you as much anymore.”

Catherine chuckled and revealed a sad, mocking expression. “What does that mean? Should I be grateful?”


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