Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 667

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Shaun averted his eyes without bothering to look at Catherine. He turned around and said to Yael, “Search for it and force her to sign. I’ll wait outside.”

With that, he walked out.


Yael was delighted. She had been holding a grudge against this mistress for a long time.

She extended her hand and pretended to frisk her. She even took off Catherine’s knitted coat, revealing her thin camisole. Since Catherine was pressed onto the floor, much of her body was revealed.

Since there were a few men beside her, Catherine lifted her head in humiliation. “You…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Yael covered her mouth. Only her m***s could be heard.

Yael was worried that Shaun would come in, so she quickly grinned and said, “Miss Jones, don’t waste your breath scolding me. I just need to get the marriage certificate.”

As Yael was speaking, she slid her hand across Catherine’s jeans and muttered, “It’s inside, right?”

Once she said that, she pulled Catherine’s jeans down, and the two men from Liona widened their eyes. After all, Catherine’s curves looked very s**y.

Catherine’s eyes were red with anger. She struggled to get rid of Yael, but those people’s arms were as strong as steel.

The more embarrassed Catherine was, the more complacent Yael became. Yael then whispered into Catherine’s ear, “Don’t panic. I’ll strip off all your clothes. You enjoy seducing men, don’t you? I’ll let them take a good look at your body, then.”

Yael nearly stripped her n***d.

Unable to tolerate Yael’s behavior anymore, Hadley said, “Yael, are you removing her clothes or frisking her?”

Yael glowered at Hadley when she realized her plan to deal with Catherine was disrupted. She pretended to feel aggrieved and responded, “I’m afraid she hid the certificate inside. If you think I’m doing a bad job, you can come and take over, Assistant Young.”

Hadley was stung by her criticism. She clearly knew that Catherine was Shaun’s woman, and Shaun would not let him touch her.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from outside the door.

Yael swiftly zipped up Catherine’s coat as Shaun came in and asked in a deep voice, “What’s going on?”

Yael rose to her feet and answered right away, “Eldest Young Master, when I was frisking Catherine, I took off her coat to check if the marriage certificate was inside. But Assistant Young jumped on me for removing her coat.”

Catherine scoffed, “Weren’t you planning to strip me n***d? You even covered my mouth.”

Yael furrowed her brows and said with an honest face, “Miss Jones, I know you dislike me because I protect Miss Neeson, but I always make my rulings fairly. I’m just acting on Eldest Young Master’s instructions. After all, you’re his wife. I’ll never have the audacity to offend you.”

Catherine was so disgusted by her words that she felt like puking. “You’ve really proved yourself to be Sarah’s bodyguard. You’ve mastered her hypocrisy.”

“Shut up. Don’t you dare insult Sarah again. Otherwise, I’ll definitely get someone to strip you n***d.”

Catherine froze before her eyes slowly darkened. It was as if the light in her eyes had vanished and she was plunged into despair.

Hadley could no longer bear with the situation. “Eldest Young Master, you’ve misunderstood…”

“Enough. What’s the point of me bringing you guys here? It’s definitely not to argue. You haven’t even settled anything since you stepped in.” Deep down, Shaun was ruffled by how unruly Catherine was, yet at the same time, he became more infuriated.

Hadley’s face turned ashen upon being criticized.

Catherine lay on the floor, seemingly exhausted. “Fine. Just let go of me. I’ll sign the divorce papers and give you the marriage certificate. I can’t beat you anyway. I’m not as cruel as you, Shaun. Not in the slightest.”

“Can I believe in your words?” Shaun was skeptical. “You lied to me last time too, and you ended up kicking me.”

“I won’t kick you this time. Since you’ve brought so many people along, how can I beat all of you with my two hands?” Catherine gave a miserable laugh. “The marriage certificate isn’t with me. It’s in the vase on the left cabinet.”

Hadley immediately went to search for it. Sure enough, he found it in no time. “Eldest Young Master, it’s true.”

Shaun narrowed his eyes and gave an order. “Let go of her.”


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