Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 668

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 668

An annoyed look flashed across Yael’s eyes while the two men from Liona let go of Catherine nonchalantly.

Catherine tried to stand up, but her legs were both aching and numb from being pressed for a long time. Her legs turned to jelly, and she fell.

Shaun’s legs jerked as he had a sudden urge to go and support her. A moment later, however, he coldly tossed the divorce papers toward her. “Sign it and stop calling me cruel. Here’s 200 million dollars for you once we divorce.”

“200 million dollars? Is it 100 million dollars per night?” Catherine sneered.

Shaun became more irritated, and his tone sounded colder. “You’re overthinking it. I just don’t want you to pester me in the future. Hurry up and sign it. I don’t have all the time in the world.”


Catherine took a pen and signed the papers.

Shaun zoned out as he gazed at her hand. Ever since he learned that she was still alive, he had been talking about wanting to divorce her. Now that this moment had come, he did not feel relieved at all. Instead, he was somewhat sullen.

It seemed as if he had lost something he just regained.

“Here you go.” After handing the papers to him, Catherine recovered her composure.

“You’ll receive the proof of divorce this afternoon.”

After collecting the divorce papers, Shaun turned around and left.

Yael glared at Catherine proudly before walking out with the rest.

The house fell into silence again. Leaning against the back of the door, Catherine laughed with the pen in her hand.

She had finally divorced Shaun.

It was not a bad thing. After all, her purpose in coming back was to take revenge. She had never thought about saving her relationship with Shaun in the first place.

Shaun walked down the stairs and passed the divorce papers to Hadley. “Go and settle this.”


Hadley threw a glance at Yale before he turned around and left. He felt happy for Catherine. She finally had nothing to do with Shaun, and the blind Eldest Young Master did not deserve to be with Catherine anyway.

Furthermore, with these hypocrites around Eldest Young Master, Hadley felt like puking.

Shortly after, Shaun successfully received the proof of divorce. When he opened it, he stared at the picture inside and suddenly felt empty.

Yael reminded him, “Eldest Young Master, do you want to take a picture of the proof of divorce and send it to Miss Neeson? She will be really happy.”

“You can take a picture of it.” Shaun tossed it to her. After that, he switched on his laptop and carried on with his work. However, he had not typed a single word despite having stared at it for a long time.

In the next few days, Catherine often heard about Shaun and Sarah’s public affection on the news. Today, they picked a necklace together. The next day, they had chosen a bedding set together. On the day after tomorrow, they had chosen the hotel for their wedding.

Soon, Sarah was interviewed by reporters. She was beaming with happiness on the news. “Yes. After being in a relationship with Shaunic for over ten years, we’re finally getting married.”

“Have you fixed the date?”

“It’s going to be on the first day of next month, which is my birthday.”

“Oh. That’s very thoughtful of Mr. Hill.”

“Yup. I now feel like the happiest woman in the world.”