Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 670

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“We’ve received a report regarding your attempt to poison someone.” The police immediately put Nicola in cuffs.

Nicola was taken aback. She glared at Walter, only to find him kneeling on the floor with both hands on his head. “Dear officers, she was the one who made me do it. I was forced to do it. I was left with no choice…”

He shook his head violently as he spoke.

At that moment, Nicola began to be gripped by fear and realized that she had been deceived. “No. I don’t know what he’s saying. Walter, why are you accusing me? I told you to come here so that I could ask you something.”

“Stop denying, Nicola.”

Catherine supported Joel as they walked down from the second floor of the warehouse. Joel’s eyes were filled with resentment, and he wished he could skin Nicola alive. If he had not hidden and heard what Nicola had said just now, he would not have realized that the woman he had been living with for 20 years was this sickening. “I thought you were just secretly having an affair with Damien. I didn’t expect that you and Walter would…”

Joel was so disgusted by her that he could not continue anymore.

Nicola’s face paled. Walter felt so helpless that he said, “President Yule, it wasn’t my intention to do it. It’s… It’s Mrs. Wicks who seduced me when you weren’t around…”

“That means you weren’t completely honest with us earlier, huh?” Catherine was at a loss for words. “No wonder you’ve been helping her to d**g my dad throughout these two years. Aunty Nicola, I never thought you’d be so desperate, considering your age. Do your daughter and Damien know about it?”

“Shut your mouth,” Nicola screamed like a madwoman.

“Nicola, oh Nicola, what have I done to you? Why did you have to marry me and ruin my life?” Joel hated her to the core. “You’re very cruel. Not only did you make me raise someone else’s daughter for over 20 years, but you even want to k**l me so that Melanie would claim my inheritance. This time, I definitely won’t let you off the hook.”

“Stop accusing me, Joel. You’re just upset that I cuckolded you. Don’t think about framing me,” Nicola yelled and denied his claims.

Catherine laughed and added, “You better stop being stubborn, Aunty Nicola. There’s a bug on Walter, and we’ve recorded your previous phone conversation too. Think about what you’ve said to Walter just now.”

Nicola was stunned.

She tried recalling what she had said. She said that she wanted Joel to d*e within half a year.

Her knees buckled. She fell into a kneel on the floor and then grabbed Walter like a madwoman. “It’s all your doing. I won’t let you off the hook.”

“She’s threatening me, officer.” Walter was so frightened that he quickly hid behind the police. “This woman is very cruel.”

Nicola burst out laughing. “That is not what you thought of me back then. You said that I was your darling, and I was gentler than your wife.”

“I never said that. Never.” Walter shuddered and denied her statement.

Shortly after, the police held the two of them and walked out.

Nicola began to m**n at Joel amid her sobs. “Joel, I didn’t mean to do it. I was deeply in love with you when I married you. But you still gave me the cold shoulder even after many years, and I felt very lonely. That’s how my love transpired into hate. Please let me go.”

Joel replied bitterly, “Nicola, did you love me, my money, or my status? You should know better than anyone else.”

“No, I loved you. It was you.”

No matter how she screamed, she was eventually taken away.

Before Walter left, Catherine said, “I’ve promised not to investigate the matter regarding your bribery. But after you get into jail, your wife will get wind of the fact that you cheated on her. She and your son might not wait for you.”

Walter felt a wave of panic wash over him.

This was exactly why he refused to reveal the truth. He was afraid of losing his home, wife, and son.

Anyhow, he ended up losing everything.

Soon, the news that Nicola was arrested spread throughout Canberra.

According to the news reports, when the police arrested her, they caught her behaving intimately with Yule Corporation’s secretary, Walter Kurtz.


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