Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 671

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After the news was out, it stirred quite a commotion online.

[My goodness. What kind of a woman is Nicola? She married the president of Yule Corporation, messed around with his brother, and then had an affair with the secretary. What a cuckold President Yule is.]

[Does Damien know about it? He must be at a loss for words.]

[I bet this woman is having an affair with many other men.]

[I’m wondering if Melanie enjoys messing around like her mom, considering that she’s Nicola’s daughter. Even if Melanie didn’t cheat on Charlie now, he’ll be cuckolded sooner or later.]

[Casting aside Melanie’s resemblance with her mom, it’s not a good thing even if she resembles her dad. I believe Damien and Melanie are involved in poisoning Joel.]

[What a disgusting family. I feel sorry for the Campos family for being related to them.]


Melanie flew into a rage upon reading those comments. She flung the ashtray across the bedroom.

“How dare you throw things around.” As soon as Charlie walked in and caught sight of the scene, he lost his cool. “Look at how shameless your family is. Isn’t embarrassing yourselves once enough? Now, you’ve ruined my reputation. Why did I marry a woman like you?”

“What’s wrong with marrying me? If it weren’t for us, could the Campos family have become the second most influential family in Canberra?” Provoked by his words, Melanie fought back with him in a fit of fury.

A hint of disgust flashed across Charlie’s eyes. He then said in a disdainful tone, “What do you mean by ‘us’? Damien is your dad, and his shares are nothing compared to Joel’s. If I knew earlier that your dad wasn’t Joel, I wouldn’t have married you in the first place.”

“You… You’re a b*stard.” Melanie grabbed a pillow and hurled it at him.

After that, Melanie slapped him across the face, and he landed on the bed. “How dare you slap me? I’ve been married to you for years, and you can’t even give birth to a child. I doubt if your body is dysfunctional because you messed around with other men out there like your scummy mom.”

“What… What did you just say?” Melanie began to tremble with anger.

“Am I wrong in saying that? A long time ago, I heard that you played around with other men and hardly returned home since you were 16. If it weren’t for the Yule family that served as your support, I wouldn’t even have married you. Look at yourself. In terms of background or beauty, you pale in comparison to Catherine. No wonder Shaun dumped you. In fact, you’re the trash that I picked up from Shaun.”

The more Charlie remarked, the more furious he became. He had suppressed this concern for a long time. Hence, after telling her off, he could not be bothered to glance at her. He immediately slammed the door as he walked out.

“Stop there, Charlie Campos. I’m going to fight it out with you.” Melanie went after him, only to meet with the door slamming in her face.

Disgruntled, she burst into tears. When she was done crying, she changed her clothes and rushed to Damien’s place.

“Dad, you must save Mom.” Although Melanie, too, felt that Nicola was shameful, Nicola was still her biological mother. Moreover, Nicola treated her really well.

“Stop mentioning that b*stard,” Damien roared while he trembled with anger. “I’ve been waiting for her over the past ten years or so, until she finally got a divorce with Joel. In the end, she was still playing around with other men. She claimed that she went to meet Walter with the pretext of passing him the d**g. She just wanted to sleep with him.”


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