Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 672

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“No, Dad. Mom isn’t this kind of person. There must be a misunderstanding,” Melanie explained as she shook her head.

“Enough, Melanie. I caught wind of it from other people,” Joel said exasperatedly. “When the police barged in, your mom was pulling on Walter’s shirt in the warehouse in broad daylight. During Walter’s interrogation by the police, he revealed that he has been having an affair with her for four to five years. They met each other once a month on average either in the hotel, car, or even outdoors.”

A ghastly expression washed over Melanie’s face when she heard those words.

Damien became more agitated as he continued to speak. He seemed like a wild animal that had lost control. Despite being crippled, he managed to smash everything around him. His eyes were filled with intense bitterness.

“She has always looked down on me. She despises me for being a cripple.” Damien thumped his legs. “Because of her, I even k****d Sheryl, went against the entire Yule family, and took all the blame. But instead of being grateful to me, she just treated me as a tool.”

Melanie was astounded to hear that. “Dad, you… You were the one who k****d Sheryl?”

Damien nodded with a complicated look in his eyes. “I was in love with your mom back then, but Joel was the one whom she was fond of. She was set on marrying him. So to please your mom, I purposely gave your grandpa and granny suggestions for framing Joel and your mom. We made them sleep together, but Joel didn’t touch your mom at all. But for the sake of getting pregnant with a Yule family’s child and marrying Joel, she asked me for help.

Melanie gulped when she came to the realization that her mother was so crazy and bold.

Damien said with a sigh, “I had a friend who worked in the World Meteorological Organization. He told me that a typhoon was forecast to hit Country T. So I deliberately called Sheryl and told her that my brother was drunk and beaten in Country T, and he kept murmuring her name. Sheryl quickly rushed there and was swept away by the typhoon that night.”

Melanie gazed at Damien with admiration. “Dad, you’re amazing. This incident was so well planned. I don’t think Catherine has any idea that you’re directly related to her mom’s d***h.”

“Zip it. We can’t let the cat out of the bag,” Joel warned her. A moment later, he heaved a long sigh. “I have no feelings for your mom anymore. No matter how much I do for her, she’ll never love me. Besides, now that the police have incriminating evidence of her doing, there’s nothing I can do to save her this time. I’m also worried that we’ll be dragged into the mess.”

Melanie pulled herself together. “Dad, you mean…”

“About poisoning Joel, the accident he got into three years ago, and Sheryl’s d***h. We can’t let your mom expose these things.” Damien threw her a glance. “You don’t wish to be dragged into the mess and end up in jail, right?”

“I got it, Dad.”

Melanie shuddered.

Then, she left and headed to the police station to visit Nicola.

Nicola looked as if she had aged so much overnight that Melanie could hardly recognize her. Deep down, she began to hold Nicola with contempt. If it had not been for her doings, Charlie would not look down on her. “Mom, since you’re so old…”

“Melanie, you must save me.” Nicola was so anxious that she nearly broke down in tears.

“Mom, I’ve asked the lawyer about it. This time… You might actually end up in jail,” Melanie responded miserably, “I suppose the police will interrogate me soon. They suspect that this matter has to do with me.”

Nicola was an intelligent person, so she immediately Melanie’s message. “Don’t worry, Melanie. I’m the only one involved in this matter. You knew nothing about it. You’ll be fine.”

“Mom, I’m scared. Now that you’re going to be in jail, I’m worried that something will happen to Dad as well. By then, I’ll be alone. Charlie even slapped me this morning. Look at my face.” Melanie wept bitterly.