Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 673

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“What a b*stard Charlie is.” Nicola choked. “You can ask Damien to assist you. When you take over Yule Corporation again, the Campos family will take your side.”

“Dad and I will be waiting for you, Mom,” Melanie said tearfully.

In the hospital.

Catherine was accompanying Joel to receive an IV infusion.

Although seeing Nicola get arrested had allowed Joel to blow off steam, his health deteriorated again because he was agitated. He had since been sent to the hospital for treatment.

It did not take long for Old Master Yule and Old Madam Yule to rush to the hospital. As soon as Old Madam Yule caught sight of Joel’s situation, tears began to pour down her face. “Nicola is insane. We treated her so well over the years. The accident you were met with three years ago must be related to her. Luckily, your dad and I asked Catherine to take care of you. Otherwise…”

Those words sent shivers down Old Master Yule’s spine. Now that he thought about it, he expressed his sincere gratitude to Catherine. “We owe you too much.”

Catherine smiled faintly and remained silent for a moment. “No big deal, Grandpa. I’ve never expected much of the Yule family, so I’m not disappointed.”

“You…” Old Master Yule suddenly felt ashamed.

Old Madam Yule tugged at him. “Catherine is right. Our behavior was indeed disappointing. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have stopped Joel from getting together with your mom. I’m really sorry.”

Old Master Yule clenched his fists and coughed embarrassedly. “I agree with your granny. Do come to the Yule family’s residence more often. After all, that’s your home.”

Catherine was momentarily stunned and filled with mixed feelings. In fact, she had wished that her grandparents would say that to her when she first came to Canberra. However, they did not say it. She always had to be cautious there, which made her feel like a stranger.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door, where Melanie entered with Damien, who was seated in the wheelchair.

“Why are you guys here?” The moment Joel saw them, he started to simmer with anger and coughed violently.

“Joel, don’t get agitated. It’s bad for your health.” Old Master Yule then pointed to Damien and Melanie, and said, “How dare you guys come? Get out.”

“Grandpa, we’re here to apologize to you. I really didn’t know Mom did those things.” Melanie lifted her head and replied in an aggrieved manner. Her eyes were red.

“You didn’t know?” Catherine scoffed, “You were the one who took Dad for a medical check-up every time. You and Nicola clearly conspired all of this together, but you’re lucky that she shouldered all the blame this time.”

After a moment of silence, Catherine shifted her gaze to Damien. “Second Uncle, I’m addressing you this way because I’m a cultured person. If I were you, I would be ashamed to show up here. If my dad died of poisoning, Yule Corporation would go to you and Melanie. Both of you would benefit the most, and Nicola would be in jail on your behalf.”

Damien’s handsome face twitched before he responded, “I’ve always treated my brother as my father, so how could I possibly attempt to k**l my brother? Brother, I’m going to drop on my knees and apologize to you now. Over these years, I was bewitched by Nicola and had done a lot of bad deeds.”

As Damien was speaking, he forced himself out of the wheelchair and kneeled on the floor. However, his legs were too weak to stand. Once his arms turned to jelly, he fell to the floor miserably.

“Dad.” Melanie wept and hurriedly went to hold him.