Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 674

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“Melanie, hold me and kneel.” Damien persisted.

Since Damien was her biological son, Old Madam Yule could not bear to see him kneel. “Your legs are crippled. How are you going to kneel? Hurry up and stand.”

“Yes, my legs are crippled.” Damien lowered his head and burst into tears. “Ever since I was born, a lot of people have looked down on me just because of my disability. I’m grateful to Brother, but at the same time, I envy him. I like Nicola, but she’s not interested in me. Over the last decade or so, I’ve never loved anyone else except for her. I do everything for her without complaining. I thought she would fall for me after she got hold of Yule Corporation, but I was wrong. Only now have I come to understand her personality. Dad, Mom, Brother, it’s my fault.”

Old Madam Yule was on the verge of crying. She could not resist saying, “It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have given birth to you and make you suffer so much with low self-esteem.”

“Dad, Mom, you guys can blame me. It’s fine. I just hope you guys won’t hate Melanie.” Damien raised his head and begged. “Melanie is innocent. I’ve never gotten married, and she’s my only daughter. She’s your biological granddaughter as well.”

“Grandpa, Granny, I’m sorry. I’ve been distant with you both recently, and it really upsets me. Do you still remember how much you used to care for me?” Melanie immediately kneeled beside Damien. She looked up and flipped her hair toward the back, revealing a beaten and swollen face.

“What happened to your face?” Old Master Yule asked in a deep voice.

Melanie choked and bit her lip. Then, Damien said dejectedly, “It was Charlie who beat her.”

“What a b*stard.” Old Master Yule flew into a rage. “The Campos family is too arrogant. I’m going to meet Charlie’s grandpa. When our family performed really well in Canberra, they were nothing.”

“It’s fine, Grandpa. You’re already old. There’s no need to stand up for me, and I don’t want you to be upset because of me. The Campos family is no longer the same as they were before. Charlie said that he married me just because he thought I was… Uncle Joel’s daughter. He chose to be with me because of the Yule family.” A bitter smile crossed Melanie’s face.

“How useless of me. It’s my fault, not yours. He looks down on me because I’m disabled and can’t back you up,” Damien said in agony as he patted the back of her hand.

“Enough. Drop it.” Old Madam Yule could not bring herself to hear it anymore. “Now that Nicola is in jail, let bygones be bygones. Damien, you’d better not live on your own out there. Come back to the old residence. Be a decent person and bring glory to the Yule family with your brother.”

“Can I really do that?” Damien cautiously shifted his gaze to Joel, who was lying on the bed. “Dad, it’s fine. I don’t want Brother to misunderstand me.”

Joel’s thin lips moved, but before he could speak, Melanie said, “Dad, just listen to Grandpa. I’m always in the Campos family’s house. I’m worried about you being alone in your condition. What if you fall? No matter what, the servant is never part of our family.”

“Just come back.” Melanie’s words made Old Madam Yule more uneasy. “Move to the old residence today.”

Joel closed his eyes.

Soon, Old Master Yule and Old Madam Yule left with Damien and Melanie.

Catherine had watched the entire scene. Never had she thought that Damien and Melanie would still receive such favorable treatment after Nicola was put in jail. Casting Melanie aside, Damien was indeed shameless as a man.

“What do you think, Dad?” Catherine’s eyes fell on her father. If he thought the same as her grandparents, she would regret getting herself into this mess.

“What look is that? Are you under the impression that I’m still as naive as before? After I’ve gone through so much?” Joel lamented. “Damien might even be more terrifying than Nicola. He knows full well that your grandpa and granny will take pity on him and feel sorry for him.”

“I know.”

Catherine sighed. Her grandparents might seem old, but they owned a lot of property. Even though Old Master Yule had retired, he was still rather powerful in Yule Corporation and Canberra. Once Melanie and Damien got hold of Yule Corporation, they would take advantage of him again.

No wonder it was impossible to defeat the enemies. She could only blame those foolish people around her.


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