Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 676

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Yael smiled and said, “It was Mr. Hill who suggested doing in-vitro fertilization when he heard that you wanted to have at least two children. He was afraid that you’d have a hard time being pregnant twice. He has already requested Young Master Jewell to hire the best pregnancy team in the country for you.”

“Yael…” Sarah gave her an embarrassed and chiding glance.

Catherine’s wandering gaze settled on Sarah’s stomach before she suddenly laughed. “It’s better to be a man. It’s easy for them to say since they only have to provide the sperm for artificial insemination. But women have to go through all sorts of trouble. In the early stages, women have to take injections and medicines. I heard that the process of insertion is unbearably painful as well. I admire you quite a lot. My love toward Shuan is nothing like yours.”

Sarah’s expression shifted. In fact, she knew everything that Catherine had mentioned. She was unwilling too, but she had no choice because Shaun could not touch her at all.

“Are you done? You’re just jealous.” Yael accused Catherine angrily.

“I’m jealous?” Catherine shrugged her shoulders. “What do I have to be jealous of? I’ve gotten pregnant with twins before, so I don’t need to go through all this trouble. It looks like I’ve set the bar too high that a single baby is not good enough for Shaun.”

“You’re too much.” Sarah bit her lip pitifully, and tears suddenly started to stream down her face.

Catherine glanced sideways, and sure enough, Shaun was walking in their direction. There were a few hospital leaders with him as well.

When he came up and saw Sarah crying, he glared at Catherine immediately. “What did you do again? We’re already divorced. Why do you keep pestering us?”

Catherine spoke first before Sarah could open her mouth. “I was just saying that you’re too much for letting her go through artificial insemination. Why don’t you let her get pregnant naturally? Do you know that she has to take injections and medicines every day before artificial insemination? Ms. Neeson, I’m not lying, am I?”

Sarah, who initially wanted to complain tearfully, was stunned. Catherine did say that just now, but her tone made it sounded like she felt bad for Sarah. When Sarah saw Shaun’s unhappy expression, she quickly explained, “Shaunic is just worried that I’ll be too tired if I continuously give birth to a few kids.”

“If you’re worried about tiring her out, then you should’ve advised her to get pregnant once. There’s no need to take women as baby-making machines,” Catherine said while faking a smile. “Usually when a couple goes for artificial insemination, it’s either they’re infertile or incapable of s*x. But I’m clearly aware of whether you’re capable or not. It can’t possibly be Ms. Neeson who’s infertile…”

She covered her mouth in surprise. “I remember now. You both have been together so long, but she still isn’t pregnant.”

Sarah’s little face turned pale in anger.

She definitely could get pregnant, but it was Shaun who could not let her. However, she could not say that out loud, so she could only accept the strange gazes from the hospital leaders. She was so perturbed that her tears trickled down.

“Catherine, I’ll rip your mouth apart if you keep talking nonsense.” Shaun pulled Sarah into his embrace. Then, he said furiously to the hospital leaders, “Kick her out of here. I don’t wish to see her.”

Put in a difficult position, the hospital director said, “President Hill, she’s the daughter of President Yule. President Yule is currently staying at our hospital…”

“Let the Yule family switch to another hospital. I don’t want to see her here,” Shaun blurted and left with his arm around Sarah.

“Shaunic, it’s all my fault. I embarrassed you.” Sarah whined in his arms.

“It’s not your problem. I’m the one who’s at fault for letting you go for artificial insemination.” Shaun was frustrated as well. Catherine’s words p*****d at his weakness, and it made him feel humiliated.

“It’s okay. As long as I can give birth to your child, I’m willing to do it,” Sarah said sweetly.

Shaun sighed. He felt bad for her.


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