Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 678

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At that moment, an internal higher-level management meeting of Hill Corporation was ongoing.

Liam was looking down at his phone when he suddenly snickered.

The meeting room, where only Shaun’s voice could be heard, went eerily quiet. Everyone looked toward Liam.

Shaun’s towering figure leaned back, and he threw the pen in his hands on the table. His stern gaze was icy cold. “What is General Manager Hill so engrossed in? Why don’t you share it with everyone?”

Liam touched his nose. “You really want to know?”

The senior managers held their breaths. They could hear Shaun was infuriated with General Manager Liam picking a fight.

“I’m looking at the company’s official Facebook account. It’s about to explode.” Liam smiled vaguely. “It’s related to you, Director Hill.”

A manager laughed and said, “It must be people congratulating Director Hill and Ms. Neeson on their wedding.”

“That’s right. Recently, many people even came to the company to give their blessings. Director Hill is Australia’s wealthiest man after all.”

Shaun remained indifferent, but he agreed with what the senior managers said. However, he was not interested in those matters at all. “So… was that why your attention wandered to your phone in an important company meeting?”

“No, you’ve misunderstood. It’s about… your ex-wife.” Liam shrugged his shoulders. “You may not know about it yet, but Joel has already made Catherine his successor. The netizens are discussing Catherine’s net worth, and someone even discovered her hidden identity. Oh, it turns out she’s Hazle Group’s chief design officer. Hazle Group has already confirmed it.”

“Hazle Group?” Some senior managers were surprised. “Is it true? That’s the top construction company in the world. Those who work there are all masters in their field. She must be a genius to be the chief design officer.”

“I’m not lying. You can check it out yourself if you don’t believe me.” Liam glanced at Shaun playfully. “Brother, did you know about it? You didn’t even tell me.”

Shaun was speechless.

He did not know a f*cking thing.

No wonder Hazle Group would collaborate with Catherine.

That woman… was actually quite capable, which he did not expect.

He was already amazed at what a good job she did at chasing Hudson Corporation’s disobedient shareholders out the last time. However, he never expected that she would surprise him yet again.

Shaun narrowed his eyes. He could not help but take an interest in that woman once more.

D**n it, how much was she still hiding from him?

He held in the urge to take out his phone and look at the gossip. He said coldly, “We’re in the middle of a meeting. Get out if you want to discuss other stuff.”

Everyone in the meeting room fell silent.

Liam raised his eyebrows and did not push further.

Around 10 minutes later, the meeting had ended. The first thing Shaun did was look at his phone. When he saw the news regarding Catherine, he almost dialed her number, but a second later, he remembered that he was a married man.

He held himself back and lit a cigarette. He browsed through every piece of news until finally, his eyes settled on a beautiful picture of Catherine.

He was stunned for a moment and could not resist saving the picture.

Hudson Corporation.

When Catherine passed by her employees during work, they were utterly blown away by her.

“Director Jones, you’re amazing.” Out of admiration, Harvey was d***g to get on his hands and knees. “Countless media have called to ask for an exclusive interview with you this morning. What exactly did you do to turn your situation around in three years?”

“I relied on my talent, of course. Please reject all the exclusive interviews. I’m busy,” Catherine said calmly.

“Okay, but you’ve been invited to attend the Starlight Gala by Times Corporation tomorrow night. Mr. Yule was originally supposed to attend it, but he’s hospitalized, so the invitation came to you.”


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