Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 681

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The chill he felt made him tighten his grip on Sarah’s hand. Sarah s****d in a breath and groaned in a low voice. “Shaunic, it hurts…”

“Sorry.” Shaun released his grip with an apologetic expression, but his gaze never left the middle of the dance floor.

Sarah secretly clenched her fists angrily.

Her wedding with Shaun was supposed to receive the most attention at this time, yet Catherine appeared out of nowhere and stole her limelight. Not only that, many people were comparing her to Catherine on the internet. Even though she had hired paid posters, she was still utterly defeated by Catherine.

She finally got to attend a gala with Shaun, yet Catherine appeared as well like a ghost haunting them.

What made her more frustrated was that she saw jealousy in Shaun’s eyes. It was the kind of jealousy a man would have toward another man.

“Shaunic, Aunty Lea is over there. Let’s go over and say hello,” Sarah said in a soft voice.


They were family, after all, so they had to act appropriately in public.

Both of them walked toward Lea. Lea was exchanging words with an old friend. Her old friend teased, “Your daughter-in-law and son are here.”

“Hello, Aunty Lea,” Sarah greeted the two seniors.

“Ah, she’s so well-behaved.” As Lea’s old friend saw that her family was here, he found an excuse and left to talk with other people.

Lea gave Sarah an indifferent glance. She disliked Sarah a lot, mainly because she would get angry whenever Old Master Hill and Old Madam Hill mentioned Catherine’s m*********e back then when she was carrying twins. The old couple would bring it up whenever she went to Hill Manor during these few years.

If it were not for Sarah, she would have been a grandmother long ago.

Although Lea did not really like Catherine before as well, she thought that Sarah liked to cause disturbances even more. Sarah could even get involved with a man who was married and had kids. In the end, she caused the legal wife to miscarry. It was obvious that Sarah did not have any sense of morality.

Sarah looked aggrieved when she saw that Lea was ignoring her.

Shaun found it unbearable and said, “Mom, Sarah’s greeting you.”

“I know. I’m not deaf,” Lea replied indifferently.

Sarah forced a smile and said, “Aunty Lea, I’ll bring some food over for you.”

She did not want to try and win Lea’s favor just to be met with a cold rebuke.

Seeing Sarah leaving aggrievedly, Shaun was upset. “Looks like I shouldn’t have come over to greet you. And why didn’t you keep an eye on Liam and let him dance with Catherine? An ex-sister-in-law with her brother-in-law, that’s so disgraceful.”

Lea initially thought that it was inappropriate too, but she instinctively went against Shaun’s words when she heard his tone. “You and Catherine are already divorced. It’s just a dance and not a date. Other people aren’t even saying anything. It’s just you who’s pointing fingers here. You’re meddling too much in others’ affairs.”

“Even if other people are saying something, they won’t say it in front of you,” Shaun retorted bluntly.

“You’re wrong. They’re only thinking of ways to get acquainted with Catherine now. She’s the successor of Yule Corporation and Hazle Group’s head design director. With these identities, nobody will want to pass this chance to get to know her. There’ll only be benefits and no disadvantages if Liam builds a good relationship with Catherine.”

Lea said with complicated feelings, “Shaun, you have to understand that Catherine is no longer the Catherine from the past. She has the power to easily increase Hudson Corporation’s market value and have it go into Australia’s top 300.

“Besides, she’s the only daughter of Joel Yule and the genuine elite lady of the Yule family. Although she was married before, there are still many excellent men from wealthy families who want to marry her and get acquainted with her. If you don’t believe it, see for yourself.”

Shaun looked at the dance floor again.


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