Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 682

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Catherine had already finished dancing to a song with Liam. Soon, she was invited for another dance by the capable and good-looking Young Master Stringer.

Shaun clenched his fists unconsciously.

Lea sighed. “Sometimes, you just can’t underestimate others. Don’t you think so too? The gossip I heard the most today wasn’t about people laughing at Liam, but they’re talking about how you previously abandoned Catherine and insistently married Sarah!

“What good can she bring you? Everyone in high society shuns Thomas Neeson. If it isn’t for you supporting Neeson Corporation, no one would be willing to collaborate with them.”

“Enough, don’t say anymore.”

Shaun already felt annoyed, and he felt increasingly uncomfortable listening to Lea’s words. “I recovered from my illness thanks to Sarah’s treatment. If it weren’t for Sarah’s encouragement back then at the mental hospital, I would’ve been d**d already.”

“Catherine encouraged you before too. You would’ve k****d me that time if it wasn’t for her,” Lea blurted out.

Shaun was stunned, and he felt a lump in his throat. “Did something like that happen before?”

Lea went speechless. “Is this how Sarah treated your illness? You’ve even forgotten everything good about Catherine.”

Shaun was in a daze from her words. However, when he tried to think deeply about it, his head was suddenly in pain.

He supported his head with his hands. When he saw that Mason and Charlie were deep in conversation not far away from him, he said coldly, “Look at Mason. He said he was innocent, but he still has a close relationship with the Campos family. Do you still believe in him?”

Lea glanced over, and her expression turned grim instantly.

She turned around and walked toward Mason. “Mason, come over here for a second.”

However, she waited for a full three minutes before Mason came to her with a smile on his face. “Lea, what’s the matter?”

Lea looked at him. She felt that he was getting harder to read. “Mason, didn’t I tell you before to put some distance between you and the Campos family? Especially Charlie—”

“Lea, my last name is Campos. It’s also my parents’ family. I can’t possibly… not keep in contact with the Campos family just because of the rift between the Campos family and the Hill family.” Mason spread his hands. “Besides, the development of the Campos family these years hasn’t hindered the Hill family in any way. Isn’t it good that the two families are developing together in recent years?”

After a moment of astonishment, Lea said angrily, “How has it not hindered the Hill family? Some subsidiaries of Hill Corporation had their profits cut down again and again due to the Campos family. Not only that, if it weren’t for Hill Corporation’s support back then, the Campos family—”

“Would the Campos family even become what it is today? I knew you were going to say that again,” Mason interrupted her. “The Campos family became what it is today through the unity of all employees in Campos Corporation. Besides, aren’t we still developing well even without Hill Corporation’s aid these three years?”

“If I hadn’t given tens of billions to you before, do you think that this day would have come for Campos Corporation—”

“I don’t want to fight with you. It’s always us, the Campos family, who get accused of plotting and scheming whenever we fight. It’s as if the Campos family has to be grateful to the Hill family forever,” Mason said annoyedly. He turned around and left.

Lea felt a chill in her heart.

Mason was not like that in the past. However, he was becoming more impatient with her as time passed.

Was he originally like that, or did he change?

After Mason left, he went straight to the garden outside.

Behind a flowerbed in the dark, a woman appeared and hooked her hands around his neck. “Why did you come out alone and aren’t keeping that old woman, Lea, company?”