Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 684

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Shaun frowned. “What does it have to do with my last name?”

“Because you keep meddling in other people’s matters,” Catherine replied sarcastically.

Shaun scoffed. “You’re my ex-wife. Liam is my brother. What would people say if you guys got together? You both are shameless, but I’m not.”

“Do you even treat Liam as your brother? You hit him as you wish in the company and made him a laughing stock in Canberra,” Catherine scolded him, “I’ve never seen someone so bossy and selfish like you.”

“So you’re feeling bad for Liam now?” Shaun squinted his eyes. Coldness exuded from his gaze.

“He saved my life. Isn’t it normal for me to be on his side?” Catherine smiled as she said, “We’re both single anyway. It’s not impossible for us to try dating each other. Liam is handsome too.”

“Don’t you dare.” Shaun’s furious gaze looked as if he wanted to gobble her up. “The Hill family will not tolerate this.”

“It doesn’t matter even if you don’t tolerate it, since Liam is neglected in Hill Corporation anyway. Worst comes to worst, he can just work at my company. It just so happens that I have too many companies that I can’t manage them all. Who knows? You may have to call me ‘sister-in-law’ in the future.” Catherine looked at him. “Don’t you think that life is full of surprises?”


Shaun’s temples throbbed until his head ached. He realized that he could not hold a conversation with Catherine. He would always get so angry that he felt like he was about to have a heart attack.

“Catherine, I would rather destroy you than let you and Liam be a disgrace.”

“Fine, I’m just saying anyway. There are too many people trying to woo me now. Liam is just another option. I haven’t chosen one yet.”

Catherine left with a smug expression after saying that.

Shaun punched the tree.

They were divorced, but why could his emotions still be controlled by that woman? He even wanted to hide her when he saw her dancing with another man.

Upon returning to the banquet hall, Cindy was playing the piano.

The melodious sound of her playing and her soft singing echoed in the banquet hall.

The guests enjoyed the performance since many people in high society had some knowledge of piano and music.

“Cindy isn’t the pop diva of the music industry for nothing. She can sing both low and high notes while playing the piano without needing to catch her breath.”

“That’s right. Her abilities are not just for show. No wonder Young Master Jewell has been supporting her these few years.”

“Not only is he supporting her, but he spoils her a lot too. Young Master Jewell gives her whatever she wants. He even supported her as she made the transition from being a singer to a film star.”


“Where did you go? I looked for you everywhere. You’re up next,” Liam went to Catherine’s side hurriedly and said.

“I just went out to earn some small cash.” Catherine showed him the 80 million dollars that she earned.

Liam was shocked. “What the f*ck, where did you earn that from?”

“Your brother.” Catherine pointed at Shaun who came in from behind with a dark expression.

Liam gave her a thumbs up. “I’m impressed. Treat me to supper later.”

“I can’t. Young Master Stringer said he’ll send me back home later.” When Catherine thought about how she had earned that money through his dad’s affair, she could not help but pity him. It would not be long until he had to drink his sorrows away. “To make up for my guilt, I’ll transfer 40 million dollars to you.”

Liam was in a daze from shock. “You… You’re being so generous?”

“We’re friends! It’s just 40 million dollars.” Catherine casually transferred the money to him and left.

Soon, Shaun came to Liam’s side. He asked with a dark expression, “What did Catherine say to you?”


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