Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 685

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Liam flashed his phone at Shaun with a smile. “She can’t have supper with me because she’s going on a date with Young Master Stringer tonight, so she transferred 40 million dollars to me.”


At that moment, Shaun experienced what it was like to be enraged, infuriated, and exasperated.

F*ck, she earned that money from him and shared it with Liam immediately.

Did she take him for a squanderer?

Wait, was she going on a date with Young Master Stringer later?

Shaun could not stay calm anymore.

After Cindy finished her song, she stood up slowly. She walked out from behind the piano and bowed.

There was a round of thunderous applause in the banquet hall.

At that moment, Cindy was very pleased.

She knew that in the eyes of these people in high society, she was just a celebrity who was unpresentable. However, she had to let everyone know that she did have talent on this day.

Just then, she saw Catherine slowly walking toward her.

Only the two of them were standing in the area where the musical instruments were placed. At this moment, everyone had their gaze set on the pretty and elegant Catherine. Cindy’s smile faltered.

“Cathy, did you come to the wrong place? This is a place to play the piano.” Cindy forced a smile and spoke in a gentle tone.

“I didn’t. Haven’t you finished playing? I’ve spoken with the organizer. I want to try my skills.” Catherine’s diamond-studded dress trailed behind her as she walked to the piano and sat down in front of it.

Cindy’s expression stiffened. She turned back hurriedly and said, “Cathy, the people who are here today aren’t just ordinary people. Even the famous musician, Mr. Kimball, is here too. It’s not a place where you can joke around. If you want to play the piano… you can play it when you get back home.”

“You think I’ll embarrass myself?” Catherine smiled vaguely.

Cindy went tight-lipped. She was not sure either. Catherine had exceptional talent in music in the past. They had taken piano classes together. Catherine could learn everything quickly and was often praised by the teachers.

Catherine even composed songs and wrote lyrics for her after that. However, Cindy could not gauge her current skills.

Nevertheless, a person would not do something impossible out of the blue.

Cindy felt an uneasy feeling in her heart.

At that moment, the guests started to talk about it as well. Their gazes held a trace of mockery as they looked at Catherine.

After all, a singer like Cindy had just finished performing. If Catherine performed after her, she would surely make a joke of herself.

Melanie acted as if she was worried and said, “Sister, this isn’t the Yule family’s party where you can do whatever you want. Not to mention you’re Uncle Joel’s appointed successor now. You have to take care of the Yule family’s image.”

“That’s right.” Joanne took the chance and seconded Melanie’s words.

When Sarah saw that everyone had spoken, she said softly, “This is about playing the piano. It’s different from designing, after all. What do you think, Shaunic?”

She tugged the tall, handsome man beside her.

Shaun frowned.

He had heard Catherine sing and play the guitar before. She was indeed superb at it. She would not lose to Cindy, and her voice might sound even better than Cindy’s. However, it might not be the case if Catherine were to sing while playing the piano. After all, it really puts an individual’s lung capacity and experience to the test. If it did not go well, it would be utterly humiliating.

“I’m not sure.” He went tight-lipped after saying that. “It’s her own matter.”

“Let her embarrass herself if she wants to,” Rodney said sarcastically, “I reckon she’s just trying to show off after getting flattered by others for a few days. She thinks she’s good at everything.”

“That’s right. Does she think that she can win against Cindy? Cindy’s the pop diva.”

“Never mind. Let her do it if she wants to. She’s the heir to Yule Corporation, so don’t make her look bad and give her applause later. Don’t let her be put on the spot.”

“It’s the only way.”