Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 686

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In the face of the crowd’s chatter, Catherine smiled faintly and pressed on a key, making the banquet hall quiet down.

She adjusted the microphone and said in a pleasant voice, “This is a new song I composed. Today will be the first time I’m playing and singing it, so I hope everyone will give it a listen.”

“Is she insane? She even composed her own song.”

“Maybe she’s jealous of Cindy and wants to overshine her, but Cindy is a singer.”

“These days, every young lady from wealthy families wants to make their own songs. It’s an insult to music.”

Just as everyone whispered in one another’s ears, a burst of cheerful music accompanied by the sound of piano keys slowly sounded.

“I say to you, ‘stop right there’,

“The plane flies over the blue sky,

“I’m going on a journey,

“I’m going on a journey far away.

“Tears fell on my chest,

“This relationship, it won’t end,

“We’re chasing our dreams of the future together,

“This is not the end, it’s a new beginning.”

The crowd gradually quietened down and listened carefully to the new song. The cheerful song had a hint of sadness that alluded to a parting. It immediately reminded people of their university years where they had to bid farewell to their beloved so that they could chase after their own dreams.

It was a little sad and stirred their hearts.

Shaun looked at the glowing woman on the stage in disbelief.

Her head was clearly lowered, but her body exuded a light that no one could block.

She was always like this, surprising him time and time again.

It was no wonder she had come up on stage with such confidence. Both her piano skills and voice were much better than Cindy’s.

Sarah saw Shaun’s infatuated eyes and almost went mad. She had thought that Catherine would make a fool of herself.

How did this happen? Three years ago, she had easily crushed Catherine like an ant.

Three years later, all of the men in the country were seeing Catherine in a new light.

Cindy, who was standing beside Catherine, was so humiliated that her face turned white.

No one knew Catherine better than her. Yes, this was the genre that Catherine had once excelled in.

Soon, the song ended at the last note.

“Marvelous!” Mr. Kimball took the lead in clapping. “The song was sung well, played well, and even arranged well.”

“Miss Jones, did you really compose this song?” President Lockhart from Times Corporation asked in surprise.

“I wrote the music and lyrics myself.” Catherine stood up and bowed deeply at Mr. Kimball. “Mr. Kimball, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Mr. Kimball was full of praise for her. “It’s a pity that your talent only bloomed today, Miss Jones. Do you want to debut? I know a lot of people in the music industry and can—”

“Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Kimball, but music isn’t my dream. It’s just my hobby,” Catherine politely declined. “I usually have quite a lot going on and am too busy.”

President Lockhart laughed. “Mr. Kimball, you don’t know this, but Miss Jones is also a world-famous designer.”

“That’s a shame.” Mr. Kimball revealed a look of admiration.

At that moment, Joanne suddenly said, “Miss Jones, did you copy Cindy’s song? Your song is very similar to ‘Paradise of Dreams’, a famous song by Cindy.”

Everyone was shocked, and someone said, “Now that she mentioned it, it does seem to be a bit similar.”