Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 687

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“Miss Jones, you can’t have plagiarized it, right?” Charlie mocked with intent.

As soon as the statement was made, everyone’s eyes fell on Catherine.

Cindy showed a tolerant and generous expression, saying, “Actually, it’s not true. If you listen carefully, the song that Catherine composed has a lighter rhythm than my song, ‘Paradise of Dreams’. It has a different style too.”

Catherine glanced at Cindy. Everyone could hear the hidden meaning in Cindy’s words. It was an indirect admission that Catherine had copied Cindy, but only the style of the song was somewhat different. With the words she said, she portrayed herself as being very generous.

Sure enough, the next moment, Joanne said, “Miss Turner, you can be generous, but you shouldn’t promote plagiarism. If you change and rearrange a handful of foreign songs and say that you created the song yourself, wouldn’t it be too unfair to the original creators?”

Melanie also showed an embarrassed look. “Catherine, although we’re all members of the Yule family, you can’t be unreasonable.”

Before Sarah could speak, everyone was already targeting Catherine. Her heart was incredibly happy as she whispered in Shaun’s ears, “Shaun, did she really plagiarize?”

Shaun’s handsome face was extremely cold. No one could guess what he was thinking.

Rodney could not hold back and said, “It wasn’t completely plagiarized, but it’s at least 60% similar. It’s just as I said. She can’t compose. In the end, she still copied from Cindy. I really don’t know who gave her the guts to go up on stage and try to embarrass Cindy. Does she take everyone here as fools?”

Sarah was pleased as she listened. Although her expression was one of worry, her heart was elated.

In the face of all the accusations, Catherine smiled and leisurely played another song that no one had ever heard before.

This song was more soothing.

However, her heavenly voice sang in a classical style.

When the song ended, she played yet another song.

These songs had different styles and no one had heard of them before.

After playing and singing, the crowd had odd expressions.

Cindy only felt the uneasiness in her heart grow stronger.

Joanne yelled, “Everyone is talking about your plagiarism. Why are you playing songs again? No matter how well you play, it can’t cover up the fact that you’ve plagiarized.”

Catherine ignored her and looked at Mr. Kimball instead. “What do you think of the last two songs? Are they similar to any songs out there?”

Mr. Kimball shook his head. “They’re brand new songs.”

“Ms. Harlow, Mr. Campos, what do you think?” Catherine looked at the people who had spoken out in the harshest manner before.

Charlie said coldly, “We were talking about your first song. Although the subsequent songs are unfamiliar, who can be sure that you aren’t just copying a foreign song?”

“That’s why I asked Mr. Kimball first. Do you think that Mr. Kimball would not be able to confirm this with his status?” Catherine shot back calmly.

Mr. Kimball’s status in the music industry was respected. No matter how high Charlie’s position in the business world was, he did not dare to openly refute Mr. Kimball. Charlie fell silent.

Catherine slowly stood up and shifted her beautiful eyes to Cindy. She suddenly smiled, asking, “What do you think, Cindy?”