Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 688

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Cindy was inexplicably perturbed by Catherine’s expression. “You play very well. Keep up the good work.”

Catherine let out a snort of laughter and narrowed her eyes with a smile. “Even now, you don’t want to explain why the first song was similar to your song, ‘Paradise of Dreams’? It’s because all the songs in the album ‘Paradise of Dreams’, whether the lyrics or compositions, were all written by me.”

With that declaration, the audience was in an uproar.

The crowd subconsciously cast their eyes to Chester. Everyone knew that Cindy was Chester’s girlfriend. He had been protecting her in the circle all these years, spoiling her in the palm of his hands.

For Catherine to call Cindy out now, that was the same as slapping Chester’s face.

Chester lit a cigarette and frowned deeply.

Cindy was confused. “What are you saying?”

Rodney scolded immediately, “Catherine Jones, I think you’ve really gone insane! Those songs were written by Cindy, not you! How shameless can you be?”

“Yeah, do you know how talented Cindy is? Why would she need you to write songs for her?” Joanne also yelled.

Catherine ignored the accusations and said, “The first song in the album ‘Paradise of Dreams’, ‘Three Together’, was about Cindy, my, and another person’s friendship. We were good friends at that time. That year, Cindy’s dream was to be a singer, so I gave my best eight songs I composed to Cindy without a contract. Why did I play the last two songs earlier? Those two songs are my most recent compositions. I just wanted to show everyone my capability. I don’t have to plagiarize Cindy at all.”

Cindy’s face was pale, and she looked like she was about to cry. “Cathy, is it because you want to be a singer? It’s okay, I can introduce musicians to you. You don’t have to step on my reputation.”

Catherine smiled and did not even look at her. “Everyone, you don’t have to be in a rush to accuse me. Fortunately, my songbook is still around. Later, I’ll take pictures of it and post them on the internet. By the way, there are far more than eight songs in my songbook. There are 18 songs. Those who know music can enjoy them slowly. You can also come to me to buy the copyright for the rest of my songs, but I won’t be giving them away for free this time, since…”

After a pause, she stared at Cindy. “…some people aren’t grateful for things that have been given to them out of goodwill. There are many ungrateful people in the world.”

Cindy almost collapsed.

She knew full well who the composer of the songs was.

However, she had never cared about that.

It was because, at that time, Catherine posed no threat to her. It was just a songbook, so everyone would just think that Catherine was jealous of her.

However, now, with Catherine’s position, was there a need for her to be jealous of Cindy? Catherine was the princess of the Yule family, the family that owned the most land in the country. Coupled with her glory as a world-renowned designer, others would definitely believe in her words more.

Catherine finished speaking and bowed. “I only played today to make the banquet more lively for Times Corporation, but I didn’t expect to cause so much trouble. My sincerest apologies, President Lockhart.”

“It’s okay, Miss. Jones. You played wonderfully, especially the last two songs. Many presidents from music companies are present tonight, so I believe that someone will approach you to purchase the copyrights soon.” President Lockhart was smart and had seen a lot of these kinds of things in the industry before. He originally had some appreciation for Cindy, but it was replaced with contempt now.

However, he still had to take into account Chester’s reputation. He said with a smile, “Everyone, help yourself to the food. You’ll only have the strength to listen to my speech on stage if you eat enough.”

The crowd slowly dispersed.

However, there were many people still discussing what had happened.

“Oh, Director Crawford, you’re a music producer. What do you think?”

“What Catherine Jones said is most likely true. Just look at her two songs. They’re indeed superb. Take either one and she’d get a music award for it easily.”