Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 689

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Catherine received the invitation card and played with it in her hands. “Is there any point to this kind of gala?”

“There is. Big shots from every industry will be there. I heard that Cindy, the female celebrity you hate the most, is going to perform as well.” Harvey egged her on as he was afraid she would not attend the gala. “If you’re not busy, you can go and bully her.”


A few seconds later, Catherine chuckled. “Wow, Assistant York, you’re becoming more mischievous. Cindy is Chester’s girlfriend. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll get into trouble?”

Harvey said with a smile, “You’re President Yule’s successor and Hazle Group’s chief design officer now. The market value of Hudson Corporation has even doubled. Countless people are trying to get acquainted with you. Although the Jewell family is powerful, you’re not lacking either.”

“You have a point there. Coincidentally, I have a score to settle with Chester too.”

Catherine closed the invitation card.

Since she was now a petty person, she did not intend to let go of the fact that the Jewell family’s hospital had kicked Joel out the last time.

At night.

At the main entrance of the convention hall.

Row and rows of luxury cars drove in.

On the long red carpet, Catherine got down from a black Rolls-Royce. She wore a diamond-studded mesh mermaid dress, which perfectly outlined her S-shaped curves. Matched with her delicate features and loose chestnut-colored curls, she looked like a mermaid princess straight out of a painting.

She was classy, elegant, beautiful, and graceful.

She could be described with every adjective.

The lavishly dressed elite ladies and celebrities that night paled in comparison to Catherine.

Not far behind Catherine, Cindy got down from a Bentley and took Chester’s arm. However, Catherine was so eye-catching that no one noticed her.

Cindy gnashed her teeth with hatred. Times Corporation was one of Australia’s megacorporations, so she had initially planned to stand out that night. Even the dress she wore was designed by a top designer, whom she had begged Chester for for a long time. Never did she expect that Catherine would steal the limelight from her again.

She even had the chance to sign a contract with Hudson Corporation as their ambassador, but Catherine ruined it.

Why did she not d*e three years ago? If she did, she would not be so despicable.

It was even more frustrating that Catherine was now Yule Corporation’s successor.

Nothing infuriates a human more than another human.

“Chester, I never thought that Cathy would get so much attention. You used to be in the spotlight wherever you went.” Cindy hid her jealousy and teased the distinguished man beside her.

Chester adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses and looked at her thoughtfully. “Why? Are you jealous of her?”

Cindy was surprised, but she did not dare to play any tricks in front of Chester. “That’s for sure. Who here wouldn’t be jealous of her? She’s so lucky.”

“You’re lucky too. You should learn to be content with what you have.” Chester’s tone was flat, but it was somewhat intimidating.

Cindy smiled as she said, “I’m very content that I got to meet you. But… Eldest Young Master Hill and Sarah will be here tonight as well. I’m quite worried…”

“There’s nothing to be worried about. Everyone is within the same community in Australia and will eventually bump into each other. Sarah has to get used to it.”

After Chester said calmly, Cindy could only lower her head and kept quiet.

When Catherine entered the banquet hall, she realized that there were many familiar faces that night, like Charlie and Melanie, Lea and Mason. There was also Liam, Wesley, Rodney…