Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 690

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Chester took a seat on the sofa opposite Catherine. There was clearly a bright smile on his face, but his aura gave off a powerful oppressive force. “Give me the original songbook.”

“It looks like Cindy came clean to you.” Catherine smiled calmly. “What’s so good about such a hypocritical woman?”

“She does have many shortcomings, but she’s still my woman,” Chester said, “Catherine Jones, don’t go against me. Your Yule family can’t afford the consequences of angering the third young master of the country. Haven’t you had your fill of slapping other people’s faces tonight?”

The corners of Catherine’s mouth curled upward in mockery. “Chester Jewell, as the third young master of the country, your eyesight is pretty bad. You should change your glasses.”

Chester’s eyes flashed coldly. “My patience has its limits.”

“The matter between Cindy and me can be considered an old grudge. I didn’t want to bring up the past, but… it’s your fault for being so savage, Young Master Jewell.” Catherine smiled coldly. “With just a word, you drove my dad out of your hospital.”

Chester froze and frowned. “I didn’t know about that.”

“Even if you knew, you’d have let Shaun do it anyway. It’s not my fault that you three are birds of a feather.” Catherine stood up, her beautiful eyes looking cold. “You want me to give you the original songbook? Young Master Jewell, you must be dreaming. Do you think I’m one of your employees? Sure, if you want to take down the Yule family, go ahead. It’s my dad who insists on me being the heir, but I really can’t care less. It’s not like I don’t have money anyway. However, let me remind you. Don’t go out for wool and come home shorn. Just look at Shaun now.”

Chester, who had never been so blatantly refused before, became so angry that he snapped his cigarette.

“Chester Jewell, three years ago, I was very grateful that you found a doctor to save my dad, but after I found out that Charity jumped into the sea and died, I lost every shred of gratitude I had for you. You put on airs yet treat a woman like Cindy like she’s a treasure. There must be a hole in your brain.”

After Catherine finished speaking, she left without turning back.

Behind her, Chester slammed his hand in anger and the wine glass crashed to the ground. His face was as cold as ice.

Two slender figures walked over and Rodney was stunned. “No way, what did Catherine say to make you so angry?”

After all, among the three of them, only Chester would smile while keeping his intentions in his heart. He usually never showed whether he was happy or angry.

However, Shaun laughed and gloated a little. “Now you know why I’m always so angered by that woman.”

“Chester, don’t be mad.” Rodney comforted him. “With just a word, it’s not a problem for you to bring down the Yule family and Hudson Corporation.”

“Do you think the Yule family is a chicken in the vegetable market? They can’t be k****d with just one word.” Chester glared at him fiercely. “It’s useless. The current Catherine Jones has no weak spots.”

Shaun was stunned, and Rodney said, “That’s impossible. How can a person not have any weak spots?”

“Maybe a person will no longer have any weak spots after losing everything,” Chester said thoughtfully.

Shaun frowned. His heart suddenly felt uncomfortable.

He turned back to the crowd and subconsciously looked for Catherine, but he only saw her leaving together with the young master of the Stringer family.

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, he could see the two people talking and laughing while leaving together.

He almost crushed the glass in his hands.

Five minutes later, he could no longer sit still. He told Rodney to send Sarah back after this and made an excuse to leave early.

He followed Young Master Stringer’s car all the way until they stopped at the parking space in front of Hackett Institute. However, after waiting for half an hour, he still did not see Catherine getting out of the car.

The lights in the car were on, but he did not know what they were doing.

Was it necessary to chat for so long? Could it be…