Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 694

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[The commenter above, don’t you get it yet? Cindy probably didn’t want to say that ‘Paradise of Dreams’ was created and written by Catherine in the first place, but maybe since Catherine is back now and she has the evidence, Cindy had no choice but to reveal it beforehand.]

[Now that you mention it, it does sound possible]

[Gossip incoming. I heard that last night during Times Corporation’s Starlight Gala, Cindy played a song first and then Catherine performed. Her performance completely crushed Cindy into pieces. Catherine said that she has the original draft of the ‘Paradise of Dreams’ album and there are 18 songs in total. But she won’t write songs for anyone again. She said she didn’t know how to judge people in the past. Cindy was so scared that she had to disclose the truth first.]

[I’m completely disgusted by Cindy. I was even her fan for so many years. I must have been blind.]

[I was blind too. I’m not her fan anymore.]

In the villa.

When Cindy saw the comments on the internet, she swept everything to the ground and screamed.

She never imagined that Catherine would have a recording of her conversation with Janet.

Janet Campbell, that b*tch!

The good and pure image she had maintained for years was all ruined now.

Her manager was also anxious and helpless. After the incident broke out, her phone had been ringing non-stop. They were all calls to cancel endorsements. Several film companies for big films also said that they wanted to change Cindy’s role.

“Lisa, there’s nothing we can do. Many people on the internet are scolding Cindy now. Her boat has completely sunk. We really don’t dare to take the risk.”

“Lisa, don’t say anything more. If not for Young Master Jewell’s reputation, we would hold you accountable for the collapse of her image. We’re already being kind by just canceling the contract.”


“You silly girl. Why are you still standing here and throwing a tantrum? Hurry up and go to Young Master Jewell.” Lisa urged Cindy angrily. “You must let him find the best PR team for you.”

“But he’s not answering my calls.” Cindy was so anxious that tears came streaming down her face.

“Then go to him. He has to help you.” Lisa gripped her hand and gritted her teeth. “Don’t forget, you have what he wants.”

Cindy was startled, and after a moment, she calmed down.

She was in no hurry. As long as she kept Chester firmly in her hands, even if her reputation was ruined today, she could still make a comeback in the future.

In the afternoon.

After Catherine inspected the company, Harvey came up to her and whispered, “Chairman Jones, the trending search about Cindy Turner has been suppressed.”

“Who did it?”

“I heard that the Jewell family played a part.”

Catherine frowned. She was genuinely surprised. Cindy’s true colors as someone who pretended to be innocent but was actually calculating and manipulative had been exposed but Chester was still protecting her.

Did Chester love Cindy so much that he was unable to distinguish between right and wrong anymore?

She never thought Chester was so immoral before.

Kasey said with great pity, “If the Jewell family has gotten involved, then there’s nothing we can do anymore. I heard that the Jewell family holds half of the entertainment industry.”

“Forget it. In any case, with this incident, Cindy’s pure and innocent image is ruined. It’ll take some time for her to make a comeback.”

Catherine accepted the situation and moved on quickly. Just then, her phone rang.

“Miss Jones, you’ve been really busy oppressing two-faced b*tches recently, huh? Do you still remember that I have a flight today and that you have to pick me up later?”