Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 696

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Three years.

The years had left traces on her face, but they only made her become more youthful and beautiful.

Patrick seemed to have forgotten how to breathe.

To the side, Linda said with surprise, “Freya, it’s really you. You’re back! We were quite worried about you when the incident before happened. Are you okay?”

Patrick froze.

Yes, now he remembered. Three years ago, there was news that she had seduced Thomas Neeson and angered him. Thomas then forcibly broke into her house and defiled her. Photos of her covered in bruises had also been posted on the internet.

Soon afterward, there was news that she went abroad in her miserable state.

His eyes were suddenly filled with disgust and disappointment.

Freya naturally did not miss the change of expression in his eyes and laughed. “Linda, you’re rubbing salt into my wounds as soon as I return home. You’re still as amazing as ever.”

Linda’s face changed slightly as she pretended to cover her mouth, looking as though she was full of guilt. “I’m sorry—”

“Don’t apologize,” Patrick said coldly, “Since you dared to do those things, why are you afraid of it being mentioned by others?”

Freya raised her eyebrows and tilted her head. This was the man she had once been deeply in love with. However, just because of the false news, he would rather believe in Tomas’ lie than her.

Catherine could not hold back. “Patrick Jackson, Freya was with you for so long yet you still don’t know her well enough?”

“I know her too well. When she was downstairs at your company, she kissed another man in front of me. It’s clear that her lifestyle has become unruly after she came to the capital,” Patrick said with disdain.

“Patrick, don’t say that.” Linda sighed. “Freya might have been trying to provoke you back then. Thomas Neeson is the president of the Neeson Corporation, after all. She might have been trying to find someone with higher status to show you, but it ended up… backfiring. However, Freya, I want to remind you. Next time you look for a man, you still have to take into account his character.”

Freya wanted to roll her eyes in disgust. “You’re right. I didn’t look at the man’s character when finding my first love. Back then, I said that the childhood friend who kept pestering him was definitely interested in him, but he didn’t believe me. Look now. They really did end up getting together.”

Lucas suddenly said, “Are you talking about both of them?”

“Yep.” Freya bent down and said, “I told my first love about it but he blamed me for overthinking. Sigh, now that I think about it, I really went too far. I should’ve left sooner. Instead, I ended up delaying a certain someone’s romantic relationship for so many years. I’m such a horrible person.”

The colors on Patrick and Linda’s faces changed continuously.

Linda bit her lip and said guiltily, “Freya, you’ve misunderstood. Believe it or not, I really didn’t have any feelings for Patrick back then, but after you left, I felt that he was quite tragic. Later, when I took care of him, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him.”

“Tragic?” Freya was stunned.

“Wasn’t I? I was cheated by a hypocritical woman like you for so many years,” Patrick said with a hateful tone.


Freya was so shocked that her brain was all messed up.

What the f*ck. Who were these people?

“I was also quite blind to have wasted so many years of my life with a disgusting man like you. Back then, how did I ever think that you were gentle and modest? I was completely blind.”

Freya could not be bothered to pay attention to them anymore and took Lucas’ hand to walk away.

“Wait, is that your child?” Patrick stared coldly.

Freya wanted to admit that he was her child, but Lucas spoke up before her, “She’s my aunt. My aunt has many men who are chasing after her, so scumbags like you should get lost.”

Freya almost applauded when she saw Patrick’s smug face.

However, Linda said, “I never heard news of Forrest marrying. Is he your illegitimate son? You’re lying and saying that he’s your brother’s…”